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Dear Mr Dr



*Head hitting the desk*

That's the result of being sick. I think its the 2nd time this year I'm ill (not a record). Down with a sore throat, slight cough, a bit of flu, and an up down fever. How it started? Well, on Tuesday had some slight sore throat. It was still ok that time. Then came Wednesday morning (which was yesterday if you're wondering), when I woke up, it was like as if someone shove something down my throat (the pain and swelling..can you imagine it??) and left it there. Could feel the swelling and also the soreness (how am I going to sing Adele again??).

To make the story short, tried to sweat it out. Ended up worst then I imagine. A simple Einstein formula:

Hot [body] + Cold [environment] = Burst of explosion [confusion by the body]

Burst of explosion = Body couldn't handle the stress [breakdown of immune systems]

Cough + flu + fever + stress (hot + cold) = A very much walking bacteria [sick]


  1. Hmm... as usual drinking extra water helps. What i usually do is cover myself with 3 to 4 quilt and sweat. The next day i feel at least better. At least the fever is eliminated.

  2. errrrrr....who taught u that???he either fail med school or wanna ruin u more..hahaha =D


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