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Look so dull

Hello world of awesome people.

So yesterday went for a haircut at a saloon near my place (I always make sure its the same person who cuts my hair...kinda picky me..haha). Was there kind of early so sat and waited (in front of the high big mirror which makes you look super awesome). He walk past "Hye...waaa you look so messy today". She walk by "hello hello...what you did last night?". Then the stylist came "How are you?"....a pause in between... "Why you look so dull today? Messy too.." Answered "Not well. Sick since last week". Stylist "I see. Its the weather. Too hot. Finish cutting, go back and rest ok. Take lots of cooling drink. Less outing. Pity to see you so dull". To admit, that was so sweet (blushing), and not just the words (if you know what I mean..LOL) (ok enough of day dreaming).

So went back, had lunch and 2 caps of cough syrup.

Its been 2 days I've started to consume cough syrup. Normally I totally dislike it. You ask me to take it 3 times a day, I'll just go for once a day, or sometimes non. But this time I'm finding it quite useful. Got it from the pharmacy since I was too lazy to wait for a check-up and stuff with the doc (when I think back kinda stup, should have gone to the doc since I don't have to pay a single penny, instead at the pharmacy, got to cough up all my penny). So I've been finding it quite hard to sleep lately but the cough syrup does the trick! (I'm not hooked on it ok). You take it now, 15 minutes later you'll be dazing, dreaming and.....boooooommm! You're on the bed (or anywhere) snoring you're way to dreamland. For the past 2 days, it's been like a sleeping drug for me.

So lets hope my dullness will go away soon.

p.s. - I think its the cough syrup effect that makes my brain not to think post doesn't really make much sense..LOL


  1. oh no, it makes sense, lot of it...hahaha

    i'm quite immune to cough syrup, wont get sleepy anymore eventhough i take it 3 times a day..haishhhh...need to find new substitute XD hehe

    1. hahaha..ok that sounds so not sincere.. =p also lucky it made sense to you.. :)

      have you been drinking cough syrup? ahahaha.. i know what substitute would be the best! hehehe.. =p

    2. hahahahaa...well, it makes sense that u sound bit......horny or high? I'm not sure which one to put..hahaha..u fill in the blank for me XD

      no la...doesnt get addicted to it, yet...i mean last few weeks got cough and damn, no longer drowsy when I took it..oh oh, what what? tell me but make sure it can be legally acquired...haha

    3. hahaha...can it be not that 2? hahaha... make it hor-high la..hahaha i think its the cought syrup talking..hahaha.. good meh? unless you want to get drowsy on purpose? *wink *wink =p ... can't tell you here.. its very legal and easy no worries..hahaha...

    4. hahaahha...blame the syrup, eh..never ur intention in the 1st place to be hor-high right..i really believe it *smirk* hahaha =P such way meh??share la..dont be stingy keep it for urself only..sharing is caring...pretty pwuease??? *puppy eye* hahaha XD

    5. hahaha intention is to be calm only..hahaha.. relax and no care in the world like that..hahahaha *lazing under the coconut tree by the beach* dont know meh? haishhh *face palm*..hahaha.. sharing is caring..when to caring lazy to sharing..sharing later become to caring...hahaha .. eh puppy eyes *mimicking* won't work..even hamster eye also wont..hahahaha =p

    6. errrrr...what are u talking about??too much cough syrup d..snap back, faster...helllooooo?????anybody there??hahahahaa


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