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Good horning people. Its Friday. Yeah so what's with Fridays? Nothing right?

This post is just some random stuff for a Friday morning.


Woke up bloody sleepy. I'm not sure what's the reason. It can't be due to the capp I had yesterday right? [location: Heaven on earth]


Was driving behind a truck (aka lorry la), and I over took it since it was driving superbly fast, like Kimi R on the racing track. So as I over took him (yes its a him because I glance who was driving it), suddenly.....'splattttttttt!!!!'. My car windscreen had a few drops of the mans disgusting spit! Actually not a few drops. It was practically 15 drops at least. Oh man! Shoooot on you! [location: Highway to hell]


My bloody left eye has been giving me probs for the past week. Every morning I'll wake up with a superbly itchy eye and the next thing you know it, its slightly swollen. Its just so disturbing. I just keep on blinking like a 1000 times in a second! [location: My superbly cold office, CBJ]


Sleepy, swollen eyes, moody and lazy. Who says Friday was awesome???
Maybe I need some stuff from TGIs. Lets meet you there shall we? (make a date 1st)..


  1. Fridays are awesome cause saturday is just right around the corner mah.. Lol, make a date ah?.. The TGI's clam chowder is just heaven.. =P

    1. Yeah you get to wake up late! Love it..haha
      Of you need to make date 1st.. I havent tried their clam chowder yet. I shall my next trip.. =D

  2. It's only 9.20am, of course it's not awesome yet. The real deal starts after office hour..hahaha..Time to party hard and forget bout the world =P hehe

    go and eat for me at TGIF..i damn broke ard cant eat there..haha

    1. right!

      I can't be going alone can I? It'll be such a sad case..hahaha

    2. the food tastes the same no matter u go alone or not but it will make u look like a loser xD oh well, life of a loner ..haha

  3. take care on the eyes.. get some medicine or consultation la..
    if not ppl think u gatal cos non stop winking/ ;p

  4. Its Sunday today... How was it so far =P

    Me wan TGI also!!!


    1. Been lazing at home....zzzz...

      Lets get ourself some TGIs shall we?!

      *slurp slurp* *yum yum*


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