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Ordinary or not?

Alright. I shouldn't be posting anything because I'm currently in such a tight spot, and my time should be focus on my work. GDI! Hahaha. Gonna kill myself! Clearing dates are just too close.

Anyways, last night (actually this morning coz I slept around 2am) I had other weird dream. I actually had something like this awhile ago but I'm having it again. This time its in a different way. It was as like the movie Inception. You know, where people try to kill people? LOL. I had that sort of dream. All I can remember from that dream was......................

"I was driving back home with mum. Then suddenly I saw a guy and a girl walking in front of my house, with some blood stain on them. (I'm sure they killed something else before that, which was true). The blood stain was from my dog. They killed her! (cruelty to animals!) So as I drove closer, I notice they were actually waiting for someone, which was me (somehow I knew they were waiting for  me la). I avoided the road to my house and waited in another area (as usual in dreams, suddenly there's a hiding place even if you're in a car). The guy and the girl kept walking up down until they decided to walk towards an open space (which I wondered where it came from) which had a tent (another Inception style of creation I think). There was like another 3 other guys under that tent and a small boy (I think the boy was for some bait thingy). So me and mum, waited for another hour (oh yeah, my mum was pretty silent the whole time) in the car until all 6 of them decided to leave the place (which I don't know where they went). After they've left, I headed straight into the house (oh yeah, I left my car somewhere and walked back home). Rushing to open the gate and stuff before those killers (I guess they're here to kill me) came back. So in the house, it seems my sis, bro and dad were all preparing for something. They looked calm but at the same time making sure everything was safe (I didn't see any shot guns or samurai sword if you were wondering). My sis kept looking out the window, peeping through the blinds while the rest just kept silent saying nothing. After an hour or so, there was no sign of the bad guys (I'm sure they're bad coz I'm always the good Then suddenly something happen!........................................................................................................................................"

my alarm rang! Dang it!

So here I am now, in office, composing a find story here for me to share. LOL. I didn't get to finish my dream. Was so hoping for an action pack ending to it! Oh well, but its weird don't you think? Having these kind of dreams. What you think?


  1. So random de your dream.. Yesterday i had a wetdream of a friend in a car.. first expression when i woke up.. "WTF??" lol!

  2. hahaha.. was that friend someone you didn't expect? or someone you actually been dreaming of? lol..

  3. i can't help but smile while reading this. i thought i was the only one that's oftenly having this kind of dream haha

  4. You do too have this sought of dreams? Haha. Weird right?


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