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Random Saturday

Ok. Seriously, my brain's kinda empty to think of a title. So 'random' is the best solution. Please be warn, this entry is just too boring. Stop here if you don't want to read anymore. Thank you.

A short story of Friday and Saturday.

So Friday night when for a movie at MV. Was feeling kinda generous, so I decided to treat 2 of my friends for a movie. Managed to catch Dark Shadows. As usual, Johnny Depp doesn't disappoint so thus Tim Burton. A should watch movie. Funny, serious, crazy and bloody. Haha.

Saturday, been out the whole day. Actually its more of half or whatever. I truly didn't want to be out, but had no choice. Dear lappy had been going through some serious sickness. He turns pink every time he's turn on. Poor fellow. So had to take him to Curve to meet the doctor, and the result was, dear lappy had to be admitted for 7 days or until he gets better (please recover soon). The plan was to actually sent lappy in for treatment and leave, but the plan was ditched. The main reason was, because I didn't go alone. If I had, I'd surely followed my plan (what an excuse I'm giving...LOL). So after sending lappy in, when for lunch. Hadn't any idea of where to eat since was lazy to think, decided to make a pitstop at a Bavarian Bierhaus. If you're wondering what the heck is that? Its a German outlet. The food was great! But warning, the servings are extremely huge (just imagine how much Germans eat compared to Malaysians). After lunch did a mall inspection (jalan-jalan bakar makanan), then headed for IPC. Was looking for a perfect gift for my cousin, but couldn't find one. Since I don't really know what he likes (he likes cooking). Then skipped the searching and headed for Ikea. Another great way to waste some time. Hahaha. When there, trying to get some ideas and feel (so dramatic) for my future place (I repeat....future which god knows when). I just adore and love Ikea stuff (although they can be pretty bloody expensive) because its simple and tidy. As usual, when you visit Ikea there's always something you want to get. So got a few towels (trying to make a collection..LOL) and headed off (at the end of the free 2 hours parking). Went for an early supper at Kanna Curry House (the roti tisu was awesome). Finally I'm home!

So that was pretty much a bored boring day. So unproductive (as usual). Lots of walking and eye cleansing (locating locating..haha). Also its kinda surprising I was home before American Idol even started. A new record!

How was your day or days been like? Its a Saturday night. You should be out and about.


  1. eh ya, call me the next time you feeling generous k?

  2. it's a saturday and it's food day to me..been gulping, eating, munching for the past 12 hours..hahaha

    ikea??so u were at same place with joker la today....hehe

    1. That's why I don't like Saturdays..Its always food day. Whenever I got out, I must munch something as if at home is not bad enough..haha

      So weird right? Lol. Same place but didnt bump into him...

  3. Bavarian Bierhaus? Yer I was there on Saturday too leh around 6.30pm ... how come never bumped into you wan? I was oso at Ikea on Friday night... guess fate really makes a big deal nowadays... HO HUM.....

    1. You were? But I was there around 2pm for lunch... Yeah fate really plays a part I guess. But the whole day I was in Curve, IPC or Ikea..haha


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