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How was your Monday? Awesome? Disastrous? Boring? What else? Well mine was kind of just nice. Enough salt, sugar and pepper [actually was an extremely tiring day due to a late night on Sunday and working out a sweat which makes me sleep like a giant baby ;p].

Again woke up today. Luckily, my working hours are kinda flexi so didn't worry much. But hell no I was pretty worried when I was on the way to office.

While driving (rocking to Adele's Set Fire to the Rain) a team mate text me on the phone. "Boss (just a nickname ok) you're coming to office right? Remember there's a meeting at 9 at XXX." Suddenly the feel of Adele in me was gone. Zappppppp. I check the time on my watch and it was like 8.50! I still have like 10 minutes. So I replied, "Yes I'm coming. Tell XXX I'll be late coz there's a very bad jam." I had to make up some story right to save myself (its called survivor skills). Luckily I was not too far from my work place. Just another 5 minute drive and a 10 minute walk (ok it sounds pretty far). So to make up for the lost time, I drove like those KL taxi drivers who hardly bother about the rest (they think their grandfather's father own the roads). Drove and parked (I've never parked that fast before), got down and walk like I was floating on air (I should get those roller shoes).

Finally at the office, placed my things and zooommm straight into the meeting. All that rushing, they haven't even started anything. It was like 9.15. Made me rush and puff for no good reason, and I almost killed an ant (being more dramatic

I never liked morning meetings. And I never liked meetings. They take forever!

So how was your Tusss-day morning? Do you like meetings? Office meetings or any others?  Except for "those" meetings if you know what I'm talking about *wink*wink.


  1. i dont know..what kind of meeting u talking about?i only know about the damn boring meeting with ppl that doesnt seem to appreciate time and talk non-stop *innocent face* hahaha XD

    tuss morning is good but afternoon gonna be bad since got lazy to get my ass off to the uni..hahaha

    1. hahaha..people talking non-stop and dont give you a chance to talk sure is

      dont be lazy. poor little ass gets the blame..haha

  2. miss mtm meeting? always started at first quarter of night and always ended at the middle of night. miss them yet? hehe.

    1. i miss mtm teh o and corn crackers..hehe


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