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Compare what again?

Hello gorgeous people. Say 'I' if you are gorgeous. "I".

Here's a story of being compared. Ok. Since young I've always been compared. Not to my own siblings but instead to my cousin. Reason is because we're both the same age (we're only the 2nd pair to be the same age). So when you're the same age you get compared to. So since I was a cuddly kid (yes I was, you'll love me), aunts and uncs used to compared how big I was, how tall I was, how cute I was and all those hows I was with my cousin. During the younger days, I didn't really bothered much because I didn't have a care in the world for what they say or do. So as I moved to my teen days, the comparison became more often. UPSR, PMR and SPM was all compared. Even when I started to build up myself, how I look, was also compared. Even after completing my studies, having a degree now, I'm still being compared. Why do they compare their own family member? (I do respect them but at times, I'm just too sorry for them because I just don't care what they say). It gets a little stressful but I could say I'm used to it. That's why I'm not really a fan when it comes to family dinners. If I have to attend, I'll make sure I'm on another table and not with my cousin.

Being compared is no fun. Being scrutinised is no fun. Being look lower then the other is no fun.

Sheryl Crow performing Sweet Child O' Mine


  1. that's the problem of been in a big hard to escape from such stupidity..oh well

    1. i know right...come on..own family you wanna compare?

    2. they were too bored with nothing to do..especially those auntie2 one..hahaha

    3. But this mostly is the uncles..terbalik ady..haha


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