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Random Wednesday

Yes it's just hurmmmm. Nothing to say but hurmmmm. Hurmmmm for life being the way it is. Hurmmmm with work. Hurmmmm with people. Hurmmmm hurmmmm hurmmmm hurmmmm. What we plan doesn't always work out the way we want it to be. What we want is not always what we get. What see is not always what we think. What we hear may not be things we wish. So lets all say hurmmmm.

Scrapped plans to head north this weekend. Was thinking I could get a weekend of food and laughter at Penang, but it just had to be thrown out. Again I'm being pulled down with work. Things are getting more extreme now since the new book started. 73 chapters to be done, but I've yet to start on anything. How I wish I didn't have to work. So most likely I'll be stuck at a coffee house somewhere with my lappy and drilling my skull to remove my brain.

I need to remain stress free. A good sweat always helps in that but in makes me superbly tired. Been waking up late the last few days. More rest and sleep needed. I shall not take coffee to keep me awake at work.

Lastnight had a good chat with my closes childhood (does primary school friend considered as childhood) friend. It was a good one and as usual crazy one for almost an hour. Can't wait to catch up next week (if it goes well).

Decided to shift my focus more on work and friends plus family now. Tired of looking around anymore. If there is there is. If there is none, there is none. So be it.

Keeping my Wednesday bright and sunny.

Jamelia performing See It In A Boy's Eyes


  1. you write books? wow that's... cool

    1. Not exactly write them. I more of edit them. :)

  2. huuuurrrmmmmmmm.....sometimes we jsut need to wait a little longer eh

    find time for ur holiday la...later become too stress not good for productivity..huhu

    1. hurmmmmmm...yeah...oh well waiting is normal i guess

      already planned one...but until then, productivity will drop..but still stable.. ;)


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