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Warning. This is just some plain boring post. Please if you're hoping for something more juicy, sorry I'm currently out of it (but not the other type of juice that is). It has been such a rainy Thursday. I guess the rainy season is back again. Pretty weird if you ask (but I'm no weather man). Anyway, as much as I wanted, there was no reply as a response. So I guess I just didn't make it although I was short-listed from around 200 plus to be among the 5. But I do take that as an accomplishment for being short-listed. So got to be proud of myself a little. Yippie (so sad!). Also thanks for the good luck wishes! (lots of love!!).

Moving away from the sad part, lets move on to the nicer part. So, to keep myself cheerful all day, decided to get a cup of coffee and something a little nicer for lunch. Since they've open the drive thru here last week, decided to give it a try. Well, it was just like a McD drive thru if you ask me. Hahaha. Oh well, got one of my fav drink that's cocoa capp. After that made a visit to the bank to submit my application. Hope it gets approve, since it'll be a real convenience if I go travelling. Then went to grab some lunch. Was driving round looking for Subway and ended up not finding it because a friend of mine said they'll be opening soon (great! hahaha). Instead went to Old Town and got their chicken rendang with pulut kuning. Headed back to office, and munch the time away. Honestly speaking, don't even think of having that menu unless you're a person without taste buds. Not worth it. Oh yeah another thing, they charged me for take away. What? I actually didn't know that! and they also charged me for service. Were I to freak out? No I didn't. Since I wanted to be happy. Hahahaha.

Going to head for MV after work for dinner. Meet you there shall we? lol.

Have a great ending to your Thursday people. Tomorrow is Friday after all. Huhu.

Xoxo..kaki gossip for the soul =}

Seal performing A Change Is Gonna Come


  1. application?? bank?? cc issit..someone gonna be on a shopping spree soon if it get approved..LOLLLL =P

    1. something la...huhu what shopping spree? no more shopping this month for me. :)

  2. Being shortlisted to 5 among 200 is definitely an accomplishment! Congratulations!!

    1. Yeah! Although I was taken in..hehehe.. thanks!


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