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Solitary star

Have you seen a shooting star? Have you made a wish upon that shooting star? They say if you make a wish when a shooting star darts across the sky, your dreams will come true. I've seen a shooting. I've made a wish upon a shooting star. But my wishes have yet to come true. But it has never stop me from wishing. I guess that's the one of the few reasons that keeps a person going. The sky is big vast place to be same as this world wide wet world. There are thousands of stars in the sky as like there are millions of people on planet Earth. Sometimes when you're down or in need, you feel like the world have placed their backs against you ignoring your pleas. But, even if the world is against you, some how you'll be able to pull it through somehow or some way. So being a solitary star isn't as bad as what some might assume. All you have to do is outshine the rest and be the brightest. To me, a solitary star shines brighter that you can ever imagine.

Louis Armstrong performing When You Wish Upon A Star


  1. even if it doesnt shine the brightest, others will still realize the existence of the solitary star since it is not shadowed by other stars =D

  2. Love how this is written.
    I have yet to see a shooting star though.. Been wishing on a moon quite often recently though.. >.<

  3. agree with you ..
    the shooting star is not a dream maker .. but just something for you to keep on believing .. in yourself :)

  4. i rarely get to see a full blown starry sky, let along shooting stars, where you saw it? @@


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