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Soul vacation 1.0

30th June till 3rd July 2012. Had a short trip to a place where the name means "city of angels". Can you guess it? (try to Google) I'm sure most of you might be able too. If you can't, its called Krung Thep or better known as Bangkok baby! LOL. Honestly, 4 days wasn't enough but since it was just a start for me, it will have to do. Had an amazing time there although I traveled alone there (yes was a solo traveler there...and I survived! hahaha). 

Travel gossips:
ERL Putrajaya to KLIA and back. Flight by MAS from KL-BKK and back. Stayed at Legacy Express Bangkok for 3 nights. Meet up with cousin. Did some non-stop shopping. Sight seeing and eye washing (cuci mata). If I were to talk about the whole trip here, it would be like a novel. So lets just see some pics instead shall we? :D 
A place for a good rest at Legacy Express along Sukhumvit Road
King size bed just for me! Heart it! Pretty modern too
Central World a must, a part from Siam Paragon, Gaysorn, MBK  and some sort of other malls
Traffic during morning
Traffic during afternoon
Dancers at the Erawan shirne
Seriously I just love Siam Square
BTS to move round the city
Off Thanon Sukhumvit you'll find food for your taste buds
Coca-cola! Thai style
So tempted to get a pup from the market apart from the "other"..LOL
You read that right!
Chatuchak weekend market is a must
Fashionistas will love it. I did! Plus the stall keepers is a plus!
View from Red Sky bar
Red Sky a must if you're there for an awesome 360 view of the city
Walk walk walk
Care to dine at Red Sky?
Soi Cowboy apart from the Silom area ;p
Not sure what's
Around the Grand Palace
The Emerald Buddha its in there
It's the famous gold building  (can't figure out the name.haha)
Palace white
Part of the Royal building
Can you guess what's the guy selling? hahaha
Majority of the dogs are like this...wonder why?
River cruising!
Ala ala taxi stand
Terminal 21. You'll love it here because I did. Every floor  has a different concept  such as LA, Paris, Tokyo and others plus its like an airport cum mall
Something like char kuey teow
Local orange juice freshly squeeze!
Mango salad
Tau fu fa with mini char kuey
Some road side snacks
The people are truly friendly. From the streets to the malls, there's always a smile on the face. Like my cousin said, they'll alway say no in the most lovely way. So my 4 days was filled with nothing but food and walking. Shopping didn't do much except from the weekend market. Couldn't do much during this trip but there's always more to come. Already planning for my next maybe or hopefully by end of the year if all goes well. Soul vacation 1.0 was an experience and I totally love it! So travelling ain't all that bad actually. :D At least it was all smiles there. Fashion and people was just what I needed!

So no trips for now till September this year and April 2013. Till then I shall work like a slave..LOL

p.s. - Do try their massage if you have the time. Bangkok is famous for it for a reason. Plus the service was just too good I would say =p


  1. the mango salad stall look simple but I'm sure the food be good =D seems like a nice trip..maybe I should consider going there when I'm free since it's the nearest and ought to be cheap as well..hahaha

    so, did u try the massage??full-body one? XD

    1. The food there has been great. If you like our local thai food, you'll love their food :D You should consider a trip there! The food is cheap, shopping's kinda. Only the air fair n hotel might take up more but you can work things out. Huhuhu.

      I did! Hahaha. A real full body =p Was relaxing.. :D

    2. yea, I enjoyed spicy food a lot and thai spicy-ness suited me well so far...the hotel fare look not that bad..I checked it around RM400 for 3 nights which I considered it adequate seeing u get a huge room and lot of much was the airfare for u??promo ticket? extra 'service'? hanky panky?? LOLLLL =P

    3. That's great. Then it should be good for you if spicy is in your vocabs :) Yup. You can get quite good hotels for 300 to 400 for 3 nights. But its best to read some reviews abit. The one I stayed had very good service plus its comfy and clean. Yup, its was promo around 550. Was very worth it. :) my advise, try to go for full airline instead of budget, because it'll be almost the same.

      Hahaha..."Extra service sir?". Can't tell you here. Lalalala =p

    4. hahahaa..true, the hotel that u stayed on seems like in the middle of everything =D LOLLLLLL.....550 for return??wow, that's cheap..even my flight to kch this oct almost reach 400 d..huhu..yeah, airasia is getting pretty expensive nowdays..what with the tax and evting..

      haiyah..spill it out lar...dont keep the good stuff to u only..haha

    5. Sukhumvit the location. Its just the best I think. Huhu. The BTS is just 5 mins away and to all the places you want to go. Yup 550 for return. Worth it right?! You should check egypt air. Even cheaper but flight hours is totally out. Hahaha. Did you know that local flights are more expensive for air asia? Haha. That's what I think. For air asia its always read the fine lines. Lol

      Hahaha. Oh well, extra service was "nice" ; I've got lots to spill la. Hahaha

    6. Yeah, totally..what airline?? MAS?? airasia is realy cheap when it comes to promo and sale..if not, better off with other airline..haha it gonna be in next post i assume..good good, I be waiting for ur story...LOLLL =D

    7. Yeah I took MAS. So true. So when there's a promo for air asia, buy it. Hahaha. Don't wait.

      Urmmm..I'll have to see if its ok or not. Hahaha. A bit too pleasing to the readers later. Hahahahhaa.

    8. yeah even if didnt get holiday later, at least dont waste a lot..hahahaha

      no way..anything is acceptable for us =P just put a warning 1st, NSFW XD LOLLLLL

    9. Haha. So true. At least you won't kill yourself. Haha. Plus friendly to your pocket too. :D

      Hahaha. I know it is. Triple warning. Loll =D

    10. the way, nice new DP XD taken at bkk?

    11. Really? Or you're just saying it huh? thanks! Hahahaha...nope. Took it a couple of days before bkk :D


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