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Was on a flight to a place. So I was happily seated with no one beside me (had the whole row to myself) taking in every second of space I got. My parents was seated behind me as well and as usual, mum was not a fan of planes. She gets pretty shaky when it comes to flying (which I still don't get it since she's been flying so often to UK back when she still wore those body hugging kebaya) while dad is used to it during his working days. The flight was good and all, the stewardess was all smiles in their tight red outfits with flowy hair providing everything you need with a touch of hotness. So I was relaxing to some tunes, suddenly I felt something was not right. Something was seriously not right. I could seriously say that the plane was not on auto pilot any more and the pilot was controlling it manually (can you imagine that??!) because the plane was moving up down left right like it was almost nearing landing. Deciding to figure out what was not right, I opened my window shield (the pull up down thingy) and I was shocked to see where I was. The plane was practically flying across streets and in between trees trying to avoid the branches from hitting the wings of the plane! It was definitely around 20 metres from the ground and the pilot just keep flying the plane so low till I had only one thing on my mind. Which was "I'm gonna die!!" In the plane, everyone was screaming, crying, the crew was clueless of what else to do as they themselves were freaking out but trying to keep calm as they were taught too, but I could see in their eyes, the fear that they have. I look back, saw my mum and dad holding tightly to their seats, not speaking a word but with their eyes closed tightly. I look around, everyone was in deep fear as the plane just kept shaking madly till no one could sit in peace. Out the window, I could see cars, bikes just metres below. The wings of the plane hit a few branches but was still fine without signs of distress. As the situation could not get worse, the pilot made an announcement from the cabin "Dear passengers please make sure your belts are tighten and hold on to your seats. Crews please be seated and get ready". The crews rushed to their respective seats within seconds and all passengers quickly tighten their belts for their child, spouse and grab tightly to their seats. Just as I tighten my belt, I felt a sudden pressure change. The plane was moving upwards, away from the streets and higher into the air. It was a great relief but something was not right. The plane was going upwards, but not gradually. It was going almost 45 degree, then 50, then 60 till I could feel the pressure of being pushed against my seat as if I was being launched into space. I look to my right and I could see a child crying while her mum could only look as she could not do anything at that time. Everyone was in immense fear and so was I. At that time, I knew what was about to come. I just kept my eyes tightly shut, trying not to think of anything at all but being safely home with my family. After almost 5 gruelling minutes, there was a sigh of relief from some. It seems the plane have begun to stabilise and fly normally. I look out the window, we were at cruise speed above the clouds. "Am I dead?" I ask my self. I got up turn back at mum and dad and they looked relief so was the others. The crews came from the back and greeted us with a smile and teary eyes. An announcement was made "We shall be landing shortly please remain seated with belts buckle and seats up right".

My second dream of being in a flight nightmare. The 1st was a crash but I survived and now this. Do you think these dreams meant anything?

Stevie Wonder performing Superstition


  1. Just a dream...nothing more, nothing less..the brain played a trick on us while we are asleep, tapping into our great fear..things will be fine =)

  2. what a smooth nightmare! usually when i have some, i will always be awakened right when the dream reached the climax. i can't stand bad dreams so i forced myself to wake up haha

    1. I always get that too but this time it was smooth. Kinda surprising. Normally my nightmares are just too cruel. Haha.


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