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That boy

A new job. A house. A new car. A new me? Ermmmm. Maybe. But I love my current self and have no heart to change. Oh well.

Ok so those are the 3 main things that I am dying-ly trying-ly wanting-ly daring-ly to achieve within the next 5 to 6 years time. Actually it'll be more like 5 years since its already half of 2012.

Hoping for a better paycheck. Planning to own a house I can call home. Moving round with shinny new wheels.

I know I may sound a little uncle and all planning this that but I do love to plan. So far what I've planned have gone quite well, so lets hope this major AD 2020 vision will become a success (I  also got vision ok..hahaha). In terms of paycheck wise, working hard to get a great place. From my field now, its kinda hard to jump around, so its better I do it now then in later years. House, well I'll be more modest. Obviously I won't be able to afford any landed property in the Klang Valley due to the madness pricing, but a condo would do just fine for me, besides it saves me from having to do the lawn. Hahaha. 2-3 years, I shall, no I must own one from my hard cold sweat! Wouldn't it be supper awesome to move round town in great wheels, but I'll only get it once I've got the house. Having one now is sufficient to get me around plus I can save up for the down payment. Huhu.

"Well, all these are just a small boy's dream who used to catch tadpoles with his brother in the middle of the field after a couple days of rain. But that boy have achieved a certain part in life which he can be proud of. Lets just hope that that boy's dream do come true."


  1. Oh trust me it's not you, when you're 20 u shud start tthinking what u want when u r 30, and when u r 30 u start thinking bout 40 n retirement, LOL.

    I think the first thing i wanna do when i work is by buying something nice for my parents, den i wanna own houses and cars n GOOD PAYCHECKS REALLY DOES HELP! =p

    1. Hahaha.. I that sounds kinda scary! lol..
      That's very nice :) Never forget the parents :D

  2. hahahaahahhaa...where got uncle one friend been planning that since 20-ish something d...He been saving like crazy to buy a house eventhough he got better paycheck than me....he doesnt buy a car since still got his old bike, traveled every morning from rawang to kl for work..I was like, WOW!!!!

    yeah, new shiny wheel can jsut wait for now..if u buy that, it gonna drag ur property plan by almost 5-10 years back...Even if I got money, dont think I will buy a landed property for myself..prefer a condo more with less hassle and easier to furnish..LOLLLL XD


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