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1st I've got idea for a title post. 2nd I can't think of a title post. 3rd I guess my title post wouldn't make any sense.

Ok, today I'm on MC. Hurray. Just simply took because I was lazy. You mad?? Of coz not. Hahaha. Took it because I had to go for an acupuncture treatment. You know those where they poke those long sharp needles into your body? Yeah I went for that. Seriously it wasn't cheap at all! But since it's suppose to help so when for it. Drove all the way to Kota Damansara for it (mad place) which took me like 35 minutes I guess (there wasn't any I didn't fly there) from here to there. People say you won't feel a thing, oh how wrong they are. The doctor said if you can't feel anything means your body is not good. If you can feel means your body is good. So I felt every inch of pain from the needle which means I'm healthy? Hahaha. Anyway, needles plus chinese medication (imagine the herbs..urgghhhh...) came up to 100++ bucks!! Die from heart attack. Hope it works.

"Other stories when on so called MC- So bored at home. Got nothing to do. Watched Adele's concert DVD like for the 10th time and Devils Wear Prada for the 100th time. Want to hit the cinemas but I don't fancy going alone. Want to get some coffee but drinking alone so boring. Shopping wasting money. So just online and eat (how not to get fat??)"

Time to distress myself.

p.s - a simple phrase can cheer me up, a simple hi can make me smile


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying. (:

    1. Enjoying the MC part, acupuncture part or the nothing to do part? hehe

      but i did enjoy have the day off part :)

  2. Lol... The off day part, of course. Everyone enjoys that unless he/she is the boss of a company. But probably you might enjoy the acupuncture a lil bit too.

    Btw, should try watch movie alone (especially on working hours) cos it's less crowded (unless you don't like having the entire hall to yourself).

    Weekend is around the corner, should be feeling extra good (:

    1. Haha. But sometimes when I'm off I don't know what to do. That's the prob. Lol.

      I've never tried alone. Feels kinda awkward for me. Haha. Plus people will be like staring. But maybe I should try it sometime. Haha. Watch a horror movie or something alone. LOL.

      Yeah! But I need to do some heach cracking stuff. Not sure I'll have the weekend to enjoy also. T___T

    2. Ahhh... Watching movies alone on weekdays are cool cos:
      1) everyone is (suppose to be) working
      2) people kill time by doing things alone (ie watching movies, drinking at any places or even dining alone, during office hours, if course).

      Guess when you are used to it, you won't be noticing people staring cos they have more better things to do (unless you are too good looking that people can't take their eyes off you, in this case, my statement above doesn't apply to you). Lol...

    3. Yeah u don't have to fight with people to get tics..haha
      I tried drinking coffee alone but I finish too fast. Still can't. Loll.

      I tend to look around that's why. Even driving. Haha.
      Gosh you're so bad. Hahahaha. Thought it would be the other way round.

    4. Finishing your drink too fast?? Probably you need to bring your lappie or tablet there. Perhaps you can upload/write a blog entry while you are at it. Else, sit back and enjoy the view.

      Hmmm... You are the first person to "compliment" me with bad. Lol... (:

    5. But still even with a lappy I got nothing to do. Hahaha. Unless I start writing an online novel. hehe.
      Any suggestion for a good place for coffee with great views? =p

      I am?! So do a 1st get like a special gift? hahaha

    6. Lol... Coffee with great view?? I'm probably not qualify to suggest cos I don't usually sit and look at the view. Perhaps Sunway Pyramid might be a good spot but I'm just guessing.

      Errr... Gift? Don't have anything now. Let me give you a huge virtual hug 1st. Lol... (:

    7. why not? u do know what i mean by "view" right..hahaha..

      ok la virtual will do too :)

    8. Errr... Of course I know what view you are referring to ;p

  3. so did it make u feel better after the acupunture?

    1. Not bad. But need to go back again follow up. The medications its horrible la.


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