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Weekend no more

Currently it's 12.30 am. So its Monday morning. So I should sleeping but I'm not. A wrap for the weekend. For the 1st time, I did not go out on Friday! Hurray for me..LoL.

I did promise myself that I would not shop right? Looks like I broke my promise (failed). I just can't resist buying something each time I go out. Even my friends used to say, "if AD doesn't buy something when he goes out, its a miracle or maybe the sky might fall soon!". Hahahaha. So due to temptations around me being too strong, I ended up buying stuff on Saturday and Sunday (which was yesterday la).

Saturday made a drop to Pavillion. It's been like couple of weeks since I've gone there. Nothing much to do other then to walk around and waste time. LoL. Walking round was dangerous. Ended up getting the TWG macarons. Bought all 7 flavours for a try (pretty sweet but was ok...nothing much to shout about). Then made way to Fahrenheit towards Uniqlo. Honestly, I'm a big fan of it (self confess). The colours are just too distracting for me to get more of it. Hahaha. So added another colour to my collection of Polos from there. This time I got the white one (besides there's sale, so its the best time to buy..muahahaha).

Sunday, headed to Mid Valley for buka puasa with a couple of my muslim friends. The main reason was to just makan, drink and head back. Instead, a friend wanted to visit Uniqlo. So followed him. As usual, tangan gatal, bought a long sleeve T, which was white too! Hahaha. I'm going all saint this time I think. LOL! The T was pretty soft and nice. Couldn't resist, so got it. Then drop by M&S, and there was some promo for its cookies. Yes you guess right, bought something again. Four packets of M&S cookies. British cookies are just too good for me (mama mia, here I go again...).

So weekend was filled with simple shopping, easy company, nice food and great time. I really got to stop shopping otherwise I'll be broke.

p.s.- Don't stay up to catch the Olympics. Just go to Youtube and watch 'em. =p

Goodnight sweet cakes!


  1. As long as there is something new, u will always buy one la..just shop everything then only u can stop buying...LOLLL =P

    1. No I don't..hahaha. I hardly shop except like once a month only..haha

  2. Long sleeve T? Hmm..i seem to be attracted to it too...i mean generally...suddenly. Especially v necks.

    1. I know right? I don't used to wear them, but now I kinda like. It looks good too. :) So you're attracted to the Ts or the person wearing the T? Lol. V necks are nice too, not too low the V..


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