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Another Sunday in office

"Cocoa cap grande please. Blueberry cheese muffin and chicken melt sandwich." That was my lunch for today. What a pity! I wanted O'Briens, drove there, and guess what? All the shops are close except for Subway (which was like not so good! Had it last Friday). So just went Starbucks and grab this few items and headed straight to office. Finally the book is done for now. Can relax a bit this week. Enough for today. Lets talk about the weekend! Hahaha.

So after a century of not cooking, I made dinner for everyone on Friday (I'm quite a good cook okay! Just prepare cut what I need or feel I needed on the spot, heated the pan, threw everything in, cooked, wa la! Done!). It was spaghetti! AD's Meat and mushroom special (no pic since everyone was hungry and sapu everything). My next dish maybe would be lamb chops. XD Ok enough of Friday. Lets move on to yesterday.

So I did say I needed some time out right? I did have it but not fully.

Was at Sunway yesterday. Its been like 2-3 months since I've been to there so decided to drop by. I like the place but sometimes it gets a little too confusing plus the parking is like a you're trap in an oven with the heat set at 360! Seriously, it was damn hot. Plus the mall it self is darn hot which I'm not sure why (saving on cost is it???). Anyway, after circles of searching for parking, manage to get one after like 45 minutes (that's like the worst nightmare). I had no plans to shop at all. But due to the influence of seeing people buying, I couldn't hold it (what an excuse right? Hahaha). Just got a pair of shorts (purple) and a bag (green) from the Japanese street thingy (is it?). In total in cost me like 50 bugs which I think was a good deal (fashion doesn't need to have big price tags.. =p). At 1st it was only the 3 of us, then another 2 joins us for dinner. Went to Ole-ole Bali. The food was good. I wouldn't say awesome, but good. Much better then Bumbu Desa that's for sure.

The green chili was yummy!
So after dinner, wanted to try out the skating thingy. But everyone was full plus I don't think they're interested, so ditched that idea (it should be easy to skate right since if I can do roller blades??). Well its next time then. Went for some walk to digest the food then headed back. Half way out the parking (which took like 30 minutes), the other 2 called and ask if I was doing anything later at night. Obviously I wasn't and I could expect what they wanted to do. It was clubbing. So my direct answer was like "Why of all days tonight when I got to work tomorrow?". No choice but to decline with an answer "After next next week. I don't care. I'm gonna drag all four".

To close the night, went for some yam cha sessions before heading home at Paparich Bangsar (it was on the way back so just drop by there la). I just love the 3 balls thingy with the soy milk and brown sugar (smooth and soft plus white..ok that sounds a little crude..oh well). After the session, drop off the other 2 then it was home sweet home. By that time it was almost 2.30am. Slept at almost 3.30am. Woke up at 9.30am.

And here I am crapping about what an eventful weekend I had (so much for eventful right..).

p.s.- When am I gonna wear the blue jeans??


  1. I can never eat a blueberry cheese muffin myself. So I only order it if I can share it with someone else.

    OMG I totally agree with the parking in Sunway Pyramid. I hate that mall anyway coz I always get lost there. ):

    That does sound like an eventful weekend!

    1. But the blueberry cheesy muffin is not that big. For tea time is just nice. Hehe.

      Right! The parking is like..maigod! Yeah sunway is just to complicated. Prefer MV :D

      Well hope u had one too!

  2. 50 bucks la since it was just a pre-shopping before the big one..hahaha XD

    final weel lo...relax a bit...then raya break sumore...u need lots of rest after strings of stress since ur bkk trip =)

    1. No more shopping. Need to save! Hehe

      So true. Since Bkk I've been like thrown with loads of work. Goshhh.

  3. Replies
    1. Really? *blushing*
      You're back! Where you went?

    2. I have always been around lah. Just teasin' you to get some attention since my Blog is gonna incinerate soon.

    3. You've been so quiet. Even no reply?? Oh why you want to incinerate your blog? You should blog again. Don't stop.

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  5. I do that all the time. After a long hiatus when my blog gathers dust, I stop loving it and start anew. I think I have almost 10 abandoned blogs to date. Sad right? This happens when I am no longer so gloomy and brooding in pain. I am the type that is inspired by negativity and darkness. Doesn't work for me to blog on a daily basis. Never did. It's also due to the fact that I no longer have the luxury to write. Sudah bertunang kowt.

    SIGH... Why am I talking so much?

    1. You can take it as a diary. Not a daily but maybe a weekly or monthly. Memories should be cherish not thrown out even if it hurts. Its not sad its a pity. You should not let gloominess and pain consume you. Fight it back! Fight it hard! You'll feel better once you do. Out with negativity and darkness. If not writting, pictures tell more stories. Sudah bertunang?

      Well, sometimes talking is better then not at all. :)


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