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Back to work

I'm feeling like "What the hell!" Holidays just gone like that. Just like that. I repeat. Just like that. Why does holidays move faster then non holidays? Stressful. LOL. I would love to have like a month of it. I guess it'll happen when I'm jobless. Haha.

Manage to fill my day today. After 2 days of being good at home, manage to get a friend to go for some outing today. Although it was a short and fast one, it was still good. At least I didn't just sit home. (my legs need the exercise. So jalan jalan helps..haha). Since we were kinda bored with MV, headed for Curve instead. Wanted to go Ikea and get something, but the queue to the cashier was so long, I just skipped the idea. Had a late lunch (actually 2nd lunch since my friend didn't had yet) and was so full. So walked around then got bored, headed to OU instead. Seriously, the parking for both places were like heaven! So easy to find a spot. Went walking round OU, coffee, gossip then headed back home and I'm here now.

Oh yeah. Yesterday was dad's birthday. Wanted to have a grand one la, but kinda tight on the budget so had a simple one. Sis sponsored the dinner while I sponsored the cake and mr bro sponsored the gift. It was great and dad was glad with it. He was happy too since my aunt and the whole family came. Had it at the Han Room at Gardens. The food was great but deco maybe can be improved (for the other area). The private area was a little weird since you have to walk outside and into another area. But still, the service was good, friendly and cosy (air-cond was cold!). Its not a big restaurant but much better then some others I could say. Some of the dishes for the night.

Started of with soft shell crab salad. 
A bowl of shark bone soup. Kinda milky like those fish head noodle soup.
Indonesian style tiger prawn serve with baked buns. A surprise for this kind of restaurant.
The birthday cake for dad! It was a little too small but everyone love it. XD
Its back to work tomorrow (I mean later). Extremely lazy but got to. Other wise I won't be able to survive!.
Hope you guys had a great holiday this few days. :D

p.s. - Just waiting.


  1. the prawn looked so small but I'm sure quite pricey since tiger prawn..haha XD

    waiting for what? =)

    1. Pictures can fool you. Hehehe. The size was at least 6 inch not including the tail of it :p

  2. Happy working!! Work can be good. Hahahaha... (:
    Oh... And happy birthday to your dad... Well, belated happy birthday. I'm sure he had a great time celebrating! (;

    1. I'm happy but yet not happy to be at work. Hahaha. Will be happy! =p
      Oooooo..thank you =D You're so sweet. Ok I'll get you that cake for your birthday ya :)

  3. *ahem* I think you are sweeter... Lol... Getting a cake for me on my birthday. Awwww... (:

    It's (passed) half day at work. Any luck finding "happy"? (;

    1. Sweet like sugar or honey? ;) haha. I like to get cakes because I get to eat it as well. Hehehe.

      I'm happy doing nothing? Haha. Been Youtube-ing and Facebook-ing plus a little work in between. Too lazy. LoL. When its work I'm lazy. When holiday I'm bored. Haha. What bout you?

    2. Sweet as... Chocolate!! Hahahaha... Yummy!! (;

      Been happily working. Glad to see my gang back at work. We had late lunch together and my boss treated us McD. So nice huh? Lol... Tomorrow (almost) everyone will be back!! Work for two more days and another weekend. Next week also gonna be a great week. 31st Aug PH!! Woohoo!! So many reasons to be happy ;p

      Anyway, at my workshop now. Glad only small matter. The break lights were out. That's why the engine error light was lite up! Hahahaha... Luckily not real engine problem! (:

      Looks like you and Aiden are having an interesting conversation down there (can't help to notice ;p).

    3. Haha. If dark chocolates they are not sweet.. =p

      McD? Why don't I get the chance to have it for lunch? Instead I get Burger King which is so not my liking. Haha. I know right! The roads will be pack and jam again. I like driving when the city is so dead and quiet. Even shopping is fun like yesterday. Hehe. I totally forgot the next week they'll be another PH. XD You're so happy. Well why not right! Hehe.

      Great! Lucky you manage to get your car checked. Small matter is still good to check. Very lucky you, plus save on the pocket. =) Now the car is happy and so you are too.

      Some of the conversation, Aiden started it as you can see. LoL. The big hat. Just some chit chat =p

      It didn't rain today. Yippy!

    4. Dark chocolates are bitter sweet, or so I read and was told. I'm a fan of normal chocolates. Nothing too fancy (;

      Well, my boss should treat her staffs cos today is only the 4th day of Raya. The rest of the staffs are still away from my. My staffs had to come back early to work. So, if she's not treating, I'd be the one treating them. Lol... Luckily she knew what to do. Me... I just put on my thick face and ask her to dabao one more set.

      Didnt really go for shopping (even window) this holiday cos afraid my car will explode. Lol... Well, glad that the root cause was found and fixed!! (:

      As for Aiden... Hahaha... Yeah, I've been following the tread. He's such a cutie!! ;p

    5. You should try dark chocolates. They're kinda nice too :)

      So lucky you. Lol. Its more like very lucky you. Haha. Plus its saves too. Lol. Did you like added any more add ons? :p

      If I was you I wouldn't too. Since you don't know what's wrong. Anything can happen right? Better be safe then sorry. Haha. It won't explode but maybe just a 'boom' very small like letting go gas. Haha. So now no more worries! Huraay! :D

      Haha. Aiden hope you read that! Haha :p

    6. Hahaha... Although I like chocolate, I don't always eat them. It's something I have to sort of reward myself. But yeah, I should try other types of chocolates as well... I need to put that on my shopping list!! (:

      Well, I feel kind of lucky this month. Pity I don't buy 3D, Magnum or Toto. Else I might win big bucks. Hahaha... Well, didn't have add ons. My boss offer to treat is already a rare occasion. Hahaha... I reminded my colleagues to thank her after that while I didn't do so. Ahahahaha... Well, they represent me la. Hahaha... (so bad of me...)

      As for my car, I have no experience with the engine warning light lighted. So, yeah... Driving for 3 days not knowing what actually happened to my car is kinda scary. Now that the foreman checked and informed, I felt relieved. At least I know I didn't overstrained the engine (:

      I think eventually Aiden will read what we wrote (as he always never fail doing so. Hahhha...) but let's see whether he responds and if he does, what would his reaponse(s) be ;p

    7. Haha. I saw your message before I posted my actual response. So yeah.

    8. You should have chocolates once in awhile. Its good to relief stress as well as stimulants. Make sure to get lots of it! Hahaha.

      Hahaha. Ask others to buy it for you then. Then I'm sure they'll strike big time. I've had lots of not so good luck lately. Hurmmm.
      Sounds like your boss is the tight budget type? ;) You should thank her too. Just as a courtesy. Unless your colleagues said "we would like to thank you for lunch..including DCG". Haha.

      But always be careful. I had an experience of driving round with all four tyres which could just burst any time due to it splitting. Lucky I had it checked before it happen. Fuh.

      Aiden posted a response!

      What massage?

    9. I've been talking to him on Grindr.

    10. Aha. No wonder you guys like know each other.. Haha.

  4. OMG yes! I feel like time just flew by. I'm still technically on holidays but meh.

    The cake looks yummy!

    P.S. SOMEONE NEEDS to ask SOMEONE out. And I am NOT kidding.

    1. Right!! So fast! I need to stop time! Haha. Still on holidays you're so lucky. ;)

      So far feedback I got they say it is. You must try!

      p.s. - Who ask who out?

    2. haha. I saw the cake and was craving for something sweet so I went to the shop here in uni. its still closed for the hari raya break. meh.

      P.S. you know who.

    3. Go out and buy from somewhere else. Hehe. Chocs would be good.

      p.s.- Aha. But that who doesn't seem to ask someone out.

    4. i have a RM 10 note and the vending machines dont accept that. and 7 eleven is so far away. hahaha. i'm just feeling exceptionally lazy today

      P.S. I know right! so annoying.

    5. What's the nearest other then the vending machine or 7E? Haha. Its a nice weather to go and walk or drive. Unless it rains. Haha. Me too feeling it. I feel you. Lol.

      p.s.-Do something la.

    6. haha the vending machine is the nearest! and i dont want to drive out coz then i'll have to pay for parking again. i'm in uni! such a blah day. but i'm going out at 5 so its just one more hour left haha

      P.S. I HAVE! I think the who is shy. I totally failed Matchmaker 101

    7. Its 1 hour more. You sure? 1 hour you got to suffer not eating something sweet and creamy like chocs (ok I feel like having a choc bar now..haha). Its worst then blah. Blurghhh day.

      p.s.-Shy? Can't be. You failed Matchmaker 101 but you haven't tried 1001 yet.

    8. true. meh. haha. we're leaving at 5 for dinner. means dinner will be around 7. goodness. i should definitely eat smth. but then, i went to 7E after lunch to get paracetamol and the cashier pissed me off. hmmmm. yes. horrible day indeed

      P.S. REALLY? okay this is new news! hahaha

    9. Its like 3 hours before dinner time! Oh no! Haha. Eat something if not dear mr tummy is going to get mad. lol. Wear a shade and go in. Then he/she can't see your face this time so you get pissed off again. Haha.

      p.s.-Ok. Now I'm getting confuse with the someone and the someone plus the who who here. Hahahaaha!

    10. hahaha i should do that!

      P.S. there are only two people involved here. plus me. i'm like the third wheel. sort of.

    11. You should. Do it with grace will ya. Haha.

      p.s.-Ok I get. Now back to the topic. When is that who going to do it? Haha

    12. For some reason, I just imagined myself wearing a ridiculously huge sun hat and glasses and speaking in a british accent

      P.S. Supposed to be last night!!! I told Peanut about it and he was like 'awwww'

    13. Was there a flowery shirt that goes with it? Please say yes! Speak Scottish.

      p.s.-Last night? But haven't it happen? Is the 'awwww' in like ok or I'll see how?

    14. OMG YES!! hahahahaha

      P.S. Yeah! the who was supposed to ask someone last night. and i told Peanut about what has been happening and he was like 'awww' as in so cute!

    15. Awesomeness! Make sure to walk in, stop for a moment pose, and carry on. Hahaha.

      p.s.-Why didn't that someone ask? Maybe needs some tonic. Ask Peanut for ideas on how to start the ball rolling. Haha.

    16. hahaha i bought M&Ms and coffee. i'm trying the crispy type (the blue packet) for the first time! LOVE IT!

      P.S. haha. fear of rejection? shy? those are the things that come to my mind. hahahaha

    17. I miss M&Ms so much! Been having Mars only due to too many of it. Haha.

      p.s.-You don't try you don't know. Hahaha. Its the risk that makes things exciting.

    18. I'm so full I can't even move now ><

      P.S. YES! I TOLD THE WHO THAT. I think. Something along those lines anyway.

    19. How can M&Ms plus coffee make you that full? Haha.

      p.s.-Maybe so. Maybe that who needs sometime 1st to think it thru.

    20. my stomach (the anatomical one) is small and cute!

      P.S. maybe..

    21. So cute..eeny meeny :)

      p.s.- :)


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