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Dear doctor please don't

Hello folks. How are things? Be good to your folks okay.

The book is on the way now. Got the newbies to help out in doing it. They were damn shock about the chapters when I gave the briefing. LoL. Distributed to each of them 24 chapters for them to settle certain things for it. Well, they were hoping for much more, like more information and being told from A-Z on what or how to do. But my answer was just sorry my dears. I don't believe in being spoon fed. Besides, they are taking things too easy and relax, but that's not how the team goes. So work hard and smart boy and girls. I'm real sweet so don't hate me. =)

On another page, my foot hurts like hell now. No it didn't get rolled over by a bike or I sliced it, but it was bitten by something which I don't even know. It happen last night. At first it was ok, just itchy and all. Then this morning it was just a little swollen so thought it was ok since I do get it when I get bitten by those red ants. So as I was at work, the pain seem to grow, and after lunch when I checked, the swollen part grew even bigger! It looks as if I had those Shrek legs. So after work, when to the doc. Was thinking "I'm sure to get a needle either on the spot or at my @$$". Met the doc and he said "Aha..insect bite only. Nothing much. Let me see". He checked it, "You see here, its  spreading but nothing to worry about. You're just allergic to the insect". Dear doc of coz I am since its swollen like a baby elephant feet. Haha. Then I ask him do I need to get poke? He said "No la. No need. No need those anti (something he said I can't remember..too much medical stuff). Unless got bitten by snake la. Hahaha.". So he just gave some antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication. That's not all. He even gave MC for tomorrow.Yipppy!! But at the same time I'm seriously not in the mood for an off day. Anyway luckily I brought work home just in case. (it was my colleague's smart is she? hurmmmm).

Meds. Never love it. Never will never do.
So now I'm just sitting with one leg up, lappie on my lap and doing work T____T. So much for MC huh.

p.s. - A bed time story.


  1. Replies
    1. I think its something like that but not so serious as venom..haha

  2. haha anti-venom?

    hope you get well soon!

    clearly i have been studying too much. mind just went into overdrive ><

    1. Not anti-venom...not snake bite..hahahaha

      Thanks :D Hope it does..!

      Relax there. Don't take it too hard on yourself.. :)

  3. aiyo .. get wel soon la ye :)


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