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Doing hurdles like an Olympic champion

Konichiwa people! Its Friday and I'm not happy with it because I'm so freaking tired (please read it while imagining me lazing on my chair with my tongue sticking out and eye balls turning like those cartoon characters). I want to go out for some coffee time later tonight, but I know I won't be able to last after 10. This week and last week was like a week full of killer bees! (I mean the work). Too much to handle but manage to pull it through! Pat on the back for me (patting myself).

Lately, I'm so into the mood to go out and enjoy but at the same time I'm just like pulling back not wanting to go out. Not sure whats the reason. Oh gosh does it mean that I'm getting lonely? Oh no please no! I can't be and won't be (I guess). Oh well it does get lonely at times, but somehow I'll just sleep it off and wake up to another day of boring things and boring life. (Its so dull). I guess that's the reason why I want a job that will take me to places (anywhere) and keep me on my toes. Will keep trying until I give up trying for that job.

But I want coffee? Anyone (puppy eyes)? Have a great weekend people! Plus a great Friday too!

p.s. - I shall play SimCity Social all night long.

She just look glam baby glam
Top model?
Doesn't Lady Gaga just look so awesome in the September issue of Vogue?


  1. Well, alone but ain't lonely. That's what all singles should feel until he/she finds that some one (or let the special some ones finds him/her). (:

    1. Yup. Alone but ain't lonely 'yet'.. ;) Can I choose to let someone find me instead? lol

    2. Lol... Come I "sacrifice" myself and look for you. Lol...

      But seriously, one has to let others to find in order to be found. (;

    3. Sacrifice so macho..aumm.. Lol. Ok so make sure you look for me ok? Time is ticking...

      Yeah true. But how do you let others to find and be found?

  2. I was at Starbucks just now, alone, and going through my contact list trying to find someone to call to join me.

    Rest well!!

  3. OWh i love GAGA..SO GAGA over her... It's just crazy. Lonely? You are Lonely? I think many people are saying the same thing recently. I mean around me lah. When i am this way i go to Starbucks. Hazel nut Latte is my friend and well it's also still lonely but at least i am out and not stuck at home. In a nice amnience and nice'll feel better.

    1. LoL. I do adore her for a bravery in fashion and music.
      Well lonely in terms of relationship la. lol.
      I think its like a sudden wave of trend to be 'alone' these days then 'not alone'.
      I love cocoa capp :D huhu. Any suggestions of places with nice view and ambiance?


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