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Ok. So it took me almost a week to actually write this post. Haha. Not that I'm busy but its because I'm lazy. Sorry mama. So back to business.

Last week, went on a 4 day trip with a couple of moi friends across the vast ocean on to an island. Well it is an island anyway. Although it didn't really fell like it. City of cats! Meoww.. Hahaha. Its my 2nd time there. The 1st was during my intern-ship which was just a one night only stay at Hilton. So for this trip, well, its supposed to be a budget holiday so stay at an Inn. Anyway here's how it went.

1st day. Took off with AirAsia. Honestly, it was my 1st time flying with AA. It actually kinda shocked me to the bones on how the service was. No wonder its called a budget airline. I still can't get over the fact that the stewardess actually went up down the aisle asking for rubbish while holding a black plastic (those rubbish type). Hahaha. Well you get what you paid for right? So no complaints. On the 1st day, arrived,…

Waving to reality

Hye sweet folks. Hye sweet cakes. Hye sweet pies. Hye sweeties. Hope you're all sweet like honey and not sugar. Prefer honey more then sugar =p

Anyway, its back to reality for me. Been away for a 4 day trip, now I'm back in the office day (morning) dreaming away like without a care in the world. I'm so ready to work, but this feeling is killing me like so much!

Why is it when you're on a holiday, everything seems ok you don't get sick, but when you're back its like a sudden wash of sickness comes towards you. Yeah so now I'm sick, but luckily it was after the trip :)

So, I shall fill you up with some stories (if you want to read la) in my next post. Lots of pics to edit a bit (make it look better) and back tracking (I've got short term memory probs) to jot down here.

Its such a wet Wednesday!

Oh yeah, interview didn't go as plan yesterday. Hope they can reschedule it soonest.

p.s. - I've yet to try the recipe of boiled Coke with ginger and lemon…

One ends, another starts

Ring ring ring. The phones ringing, pick it up will ya? Hye folks. Not sure why, but I'm starting to get lazy to blog again. Just don't have the feel for it. Sometimes I think I blog too much of crap that's why. Crappy stuff makes me sound crappy and people don't like crappy people. Or is it?

So 3 days of holiday are over. But another 4 days to come! Hahaha.

Ok. Its been quite a busy weekend I would say. From Friday night onwards until Sunday or Monday morning I think (since it passed midnight). So just a short recap, Friday night, went for a movie at Mid Valley and supper at Bangsar. Then Saturday went for acupuncture at KD, shopping at Amcorp Mall, then movie at night at Mid Valley (so 2 nights at the same dreadful is that?..LOL). Sunday, went for lunch at Putrajaya, shopping at Sunway, massage at somewhere, then supper at Subang. Today, whole day at home. Just did some blink blink and its already Monday.

Anyway I'm feeling so guilty of something. No it…

Absurd and disgusting

Happy Friday folks! Some serious talk shall we?

So yesterday I was going through my Twitter timeline when I was struck by something very interesting. A topic which is so hot, even if you touch, you'll get burned to the bones. Well its none other then the topic relating to LBGT or for long its called Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender group. As if the topic was not hot enough in the country, it seems the Education Ministry wants to make it even hotter!. So what's this all about you may ask? Well it goes like this.

The Yayasan Guru Malaysia Berhad and Putrajaya Consultative Council of Parent-Teacher Associations came up with some particular guidelines on how to actually detect or figure out if your son or daughter (if you have any) are actually showing symptoms of being a gay or a lesbian. To make it even more spicy, the Ministry of Education of Malaysia actually endorsed the guides to help curb the current "trend" that is happening in Malaysia. So what are the gui…


Leona Lewis performing Trouble 

 p.s. - 7 chapters more to go

I lost it

I just want to sleep. Nothing more nothing less. I'm just so tired body and soul. Mentally I'm tired. Physically I'm tired.

Is it wrong that I lost it? Should I've just kept quiet? Did I say something wrong? What did I do? I just wanted peace and quiet. But yeah I lost it.

The second I said it, tears fell down. I just couldn't hold it back. The shower was the only comfort I could get. Washing it all down the drain as more started to pour.

It was all a misunderstanding of words. It was all of two person who just wouldn't give up. It was all about a topic which was of interest. It was because I showed something which I shouldn't have.

She tried to settle things between them. She supported me instead of them. But I just couldn't take it. The nagging, the words, the noise, the misunderstanding. So I lost it.

My words came out without control. I couldn't think what I was saying. It was like an eruption of emotions. He said kept saying things. I fought ba…

Jennifer Lopez

Heyya awesome people! How are ya feeling? Great I hope. Well you should be since its Friday. Don't ask about me will ya? Thanks. Hugs. Love ya. (Emo..)

Anyway, been pretty busy but still had time to drop without making any post. Don't know. Got no idea for any. So the big super hot news. Miss Jennifer Lopez (or J.Lo) is coming to town! I'm pretty sure lots are excited. Oh well, at least she could make it here (but I'm still hoping for another Mariah Carey coz she was the Hero of the 90s, or maybe something to keep us Wide Awake like Katy Perry, or Kylie Minogue who is total hot like a Timebomb, or if you put your Love On Top like Beyonce did maybe you would be smiling or if you're a Womanizer I think you're such a Britney). For now J.Lo is safe but I bet there will surely be those "people" who are just not satisfied with anything. They'll make statements saying its inappropriate, teaches bad values, encourages sex, western influence bla bla bla. S…

Life actually can eat you up

Skipping the chase. Straight to business.

So I've got 6 days (not including weekends) to complete the book. Yeah I'm screwed like left right, up and down. Will I make it? I'm not sure. Will I survive it? I don't know.

I'm not sure if its the weather or its me. Suddenly being in an emotional bean bag. Gosh I hate this. I think its the work getting the better side of me. I can't wait to finish it all. I need to have a good time soon.

Its chilly tonight and wearing like this doesn't help in keeping warm. The rain was like a freak storm and places are flooded. Hope those affected are doing fine.

Am currently talking to a friend and guess what? I'm tearing up because of our conversation...goshhhhh. How life actually can eat you up.

p.s. - I've go nothing to p.s. this time

Where would you be?

You're taught that the world is round but why does it feel like its a square?
You've done everything which is suppose to be right but why does it seem so wrong?
You keep running to reach the end of the tunnel but why isn't there a light insight?
You wear you best to look your best but why do people still judge you of who you are?
You work hard to earn a living for a life but why do you still feel like a beggar on the street?
You find love to fill that empty place but why does it seem like nothing's left for you to take back?
You run from East to West to look for a pot gold but why in the end there's only a jar of candies?

Beyonce performing I Was Here

The lyrics is just touching for this song.

p.s. - The world is a complicated place.