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I lost it

I just want to sleep. Nothing more nothing less. I'm just so tired body and soul. Mentally I'm tired. Physically I'm tired.

Is it wrong that I lost it? Should I've just kept quiet? Did I say something wrong? What did I do? I just wanted peace and quiet. But yeah I lost it.

The second I said it, tears fell down. I just couldn't hold it back. The shower was the only comfort I could get. Washing it all down the drain as more started to pour.

It was all a misunderstanding of words. It was all of two person who just wouldn't give up. It was all about a topic which was of interest. It was because I showed something which I shouldn't have.

She tried to settle things between them. She supported me instead of them. But I just couldn't take it. The nagging, the words, the noise, the misunderstanding. So I lost it.

My words came out without control. I couldn't think what I was saying. It was like an eruption of emotions. He said kept saying things. I fought back. She said something. I said something. We all said something.

With so much running through my veins I just couldn't hold back. Words were flung and some have pierced. I did not meant what I said but emotion were high and I lost it.

I'm grateful with what I have. I'm blessed with what I have. But have I light the fire too early? Have I thrown stones at the wrong window?

Right now I just wish I could sleep and wake up tomorrow as if nothing has happened.

I just feel so helpless. Apologies can be made but words can't be taken back.


p.s. - I need to prepare for tomorrow. Please give me strength.


  1. *Real tight hug to u* *pat to ur back*

    Be strong. I pray that whatever happened will be settled soon.

    *hug hug*

  2. It's a misunderstanding. I'm sure everything will be ok. Try not to let this incident to affect you (today). *hugs*

    1. It did affect in certain way..but I'm good. Still smiling even tired :)


  3. It did? Awwww... Well, it's ok cos I know you must have given your very best!! (:


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