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Jennifer Lopez

Heyya awesome people! How are ya feeling? Great I hope. Well you should be since its Friday. Don't ask about me will ya? Thanks. Hugs. Love ya. (Emo..)

Anyway, been pretty busy but still had time to drop without making any post. Don't know. Got no idea for any. So the big super hot news. Miss Jennifer Lopez (or J.Lo) is coming to town! I'm pretty sure lots are excited. Oh well, at least she could make it here (but I'm still hoping for another Mariah Carey coz she was the Hero of the 90s, or maybe something to keep us Wide Awake like Katy Perry, or Kylie Minogue who is total hot like a Timebomb, or if you put your Love On Top like Beyonce did maybe you would be smiling or if you're a Womanizer I think you're such a Britney). For now J.Lo is safe but I bet there will surely be those "people" who are just not satisfied with anything. They'll make statements saying its inappropriate, teaches bad values, encourages sex, western influence bla bla bla. Sometimes how low can this people get right?

Ok back to the topic. So is anyone going to catch her? I know the tickets aren't the cheapest and you won't be able to see her since she'll be just like ant (don't be too sweet...*wink wink*...) on the stage, but the experience? I'm considering it but I'm afraid what if I can't make it? Oh well if I can't, I'm sure I'll find away. LoL. Just have a contest and give it away. :)

p.s. - Monday