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Ok. So it took me almost a week to actually write this post. Haha. Not that I'm busy but its because I'm lazy. Sorry mama. So back to business.

Last week, went on a 4 day trip with a couple of moi friends across the vast ocean on to an island. Well it is an island anyway. Although it didn't really fell like it. City of cats! Meoww.. Hahaha. Its my 2nd time there. The 1st was during my intern-ship which was just a one night only stay at Hilton. So for this trip, well, its supposed to be a budget holiday so stay at an Inn. Anyway here's how it went.

1st day. Took off with AirAsia. Honestly, it was my 1st time flying with AA. It actually kinda shocked me to the bones on how the service was. No wonder its called a budget airline. I still can't get over the fact that the stewardess actually went up down the aisle asking for rubbish while holding a black plastic (those rubbish type). Hahaha. Well you get what you paid for right? So no complaints. On the 1st day, arrived, checked in to a lodge call Wo Jia Lodge (its pretty decent for the price of RM50 per night). Then drove around in a Kancil (rented for RM90 per day) to every possible places we could think of (which wasn't many). Visited Jong's Crocodile farm (they're huge fellows!). Due to the time (lots of hanging around), after the farm, headed back to the room, rested then out for dinner. So where to for dinner? Well none other then TopSpot! Of coz I wasn't watching my waist nor dieting (just for holidays I shall not...haha). So stuff my face to the fullest. After dinner, wasn't sure what to do at night. A friend gave an idea of visiting the 'Museum'. I guess lots of you might know about the Museum at night right?? Well its not like those Night at the Museum stuff la. Its more of what happens around there. Hahaha. So gave the place a visit, and you'll be shocked by how friendly some can be. Lol. So went round walking, wasn't many that night, so called it a night, and headed off to bed without any intention or anything what so ever.

Some kind of stuff bear. (Look on the right as well) 
Suppose to be the largest croc in Malaysia!
A croc without a tail
Big mama
Cute piggy
Dinner at TopSpot
So on the 2nd day, well woke up quite early (which didn't happen for the next 2 days..haha). The day was a bit well planned. Headed to our 1st stop which was the wind cave (not sure why they called it wind cave when there wasn't a single feel of breeze except for the stench of bat poo). Then made our way to a lake called the blue lake which was a former gold mine area (I try digging but couldn't find any gold). It was really blue and pretty deep plus it was so clear you could see a few metres down. But don't even think of swimming in it. There's hardly any life in the lake because its still filled with toxins. After that we headed for Santubong which is famous for beaches at Damai! The place was extremely packed with humans (since it was a Saturday). The beach was ok, kinda milky and muddy. Maybe wrong timing. Can't compare to Redang though. After some strolling and some beach shots (not posted here..only FB =p ), headed back to the city. On the way back, stopped at Satok night market. Got some stuff there and also dinner. Then headed back to our rooms for some rest and some shut eyes. Then later at night, we decided to explore Kuching's night life. Well, I bet that's what everyone does right? Exploring the night scene. So dressed up, just very simple then headed out to Grappa. I guess I wouldn't have to explain what's Grappa (just Google it). Had some drinks and dance. It was a great night :D After that it was back to the lodge.

Breakfast. Mee kolo aka kolok
The entrance to the wind cave
Its very dark but I guess my camera flash was too bright
Look at all those bats
The blue lake (its blue not green)
Damai beach
Sarawak laksa!
3rd day. Woke up around 10. Well, it was explainable since I slept around 4 after running to the bathroom for like 4 times (don't ask me why). Lucky didn't have any hang over. So the journey was to visit the orang utan sanctuary and maybe some sight seeing if possible or other stuff. Took a drive to visit the orang utan sanctuary. The place was quite far but it was worth it. We actually missed the part where they actually came down and eat the fruits because we were told to go into the jungle and follow the tracks to another feeding area. After more then 30 minutes none showed up so we headed back out. While heading out, there was this white guy. I guess he wanted to take pics and all but was rather shy to ask. But finally he had the courage so I helped snapped a few for him (while my friends keep making fun of me for doing it). So after the orang utan thingy, we decided to visit some of the malls (but only visited one on this day). Visited Boulevard mall, which is something like a cross bread between Summit and Times Square with a pinch of Low Yat and Sg Wang. Haha. The mall is big and its one of the most frequent places since its friendly to the pocket. After the mall, head off to my friend's place. Visited his family and all. That was when I had my 1st taste of tuak! Rather strong. Too much can make you go numb. Which may be good in certain situations I guess (wink wink). Then drop by at an evening market to get some worms (worms as in insect worms The ever famous sago worms. Honestly I tried it and the taste was rather nice (I love trying weird stuff...haha). At night we didn't do much. Since everything was close by 6, so nothing could be done. Went to a 24hours McD, bought some sets, went back to the lodge and played some cards, watch some DVD and headed to bed.

Mama and her 2 kids
The worms! Its looks like a wrinkle miniature version of 'that'. Hahaha
4th and final day. So its the final day. It was filled with doing some wet market shopping. Visited the Satok wet market to get some of the famous ikan terubok which is actually fresh fish rubbed with salt. I only bought one big fish while another friend of mine bought like 25 small ones (gosh he loves fish..hahaha). After that, took a sampan aka boat, from the river front to get across to the side to buy another famous stuff which is kek lapis or layer cake! Bought RM100 worth of it to take back since I didn't really get any gifts. After the shopping headed back to the lodge to do some packing before checking out. Since the flight back was 9.30 (which was delayed to 9.50), before heading to the airport, made a pit stop at The Spring. Its a mall which is almost on par to Alamanda I would say but not up to Mid Valley yet. The mall was nice and big, but rather cold since there wasn't much people since its a Monday. Dinner and wasted some time, then its off to the airport. Check my baggage (which I was lucky not to exceed the 15kg bag was 14.7!) then went for some coffee. Just a tip, if you ever go to Starbucks at KIA you must say hi to Peter the barista! Hahaha.

Pucuk midin which can only be found in Borneo I think
Ikan terubok
The boat to cross the river which cost only 50sens
From the other side of the river
The famous kek lapis
Coffee break
Overall the trip was a fun one. It wasn't a well planned trip but the enjoyment was all that matters. So this would be my final trip for the year. No more to come unless I decide to pull out all the full stops.

This year three holidays. Although they were short but I love them. Redang, Bangkok and Kuching. Next year would be Jakarta in April! Maybe I'll throw in Bali later in the months to come? (who wants to go???).

Till my next trip, I'll just keep myself busy with day trips ,like to the mall or something instead. Hahaha.

p.s. - Go for a holiday!


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    1. It was fun! At least it was more of a relaxing trip just to meet my friend. :)

  2. Of all the clubs in Kuching you had to choose Grappa LOL

    PS: I studied in Sarawak for 4 years, I kinda know its reputation. Y U NO tapao kolok mee for me?

    1. Why? What's wrong with Grappa? LOL. Its one of the top places to go! :p

      How's the reputation? But its sure hot in Kuching that time. You studied at? Hello! There you see the kolok mee pic? Ok, eat that! Hhahahaha.

  3. wow. What a happy trip u had, Grappa? what kind is that? kihkih i wanna follow you to CGK! pleaseee bye


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