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Waving to reality

Hye sweet folks. Hye sweet cakes. Hye sweet pies. Hye sweeties. Hope you're all sweet like honey and not sugar. Prefer honey more then sugar =p

Anyway, its back to reality for me. Been away for a 4 day trip, now I'm back in the office day (morning) dreaming away like without a care in the world. I'm so ready to work, but this feeling is killing me like so much!

Why is it when you're on a holiday, everything seems ok you don't get sick, but when you're back its like a sudden wash of sickness comes towards you. Yeah so now I'm sick, but luckily it was after the trip :)

So, I shall fill you up with some stories (if you want to read la) in my next post. Lots of pics to edit a bit (make it look better) and back tracking (I've got short term memory probs) to jot down here.

Its such a wet Wednesday!

Oh yeah, interview didn't go as plan yesterday. Hope they can reschedule it soonest.

p.s. - I've yet to try the recipe of boiled Coke with ginger and lemon slices


  1. what a coincidence! boiled coke was the lunch topic at our table today!

  2. Ah..welcome back. Do update us with pics. Hope you heal fast Cheers.

    1. thanks! still trying to get the pics ready for ya :)

  3. Cough? ohh~ try that... the coke recipe...

    get well soon =D


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