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Where would you be?

You're taught that the world is round but why does it feel like its a square?
You've done everything which is suppose to be right but why does it seem so wrong?
You keep running to reach the end of the tunnel but why isn't there a light insight?
You wear you best to look your best but why do people still judge you of who you are?
You work hard to earn a living for a life but why do you still feel like a beggar on the street?
You find love to fill that empty place but why does it seem like nothing's left for you to take back?
You run from East to West to look for a pot gold but why in the end there's only a jar of candies?

Beyonce performing I Was Here

The lyrics is just touching for this song.

p.s. - The world is a complicated place.


  1. saw this clip on mtv few last week.. thought of joining the course and get the t-shirt .. mana tau sudah expired. :(

    1. Hahaha..but they had the course locally too?

  2. This song is just pure amazing!
    The world is a complicated place. But yet, it is a beautiful place to live in. Because we are human, and it fits into all the answers of all the questions above.

    1. I know right! Its very heart moving for me actually :)
      Awww..well hope it does


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