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Hate pulling strings

If you want it say it. If you don't want it say it. Be bold and take that step. Don't keep pushing around. For a moment it's alright. But if it gets a little too long. It's not fun anymore. Hate pulling strings.

Hye ya folks. Its Friday again. How I just wish everyday was Friday. Not Saturday. Coz I don't get excited for Saturdays. Just Fridays. I don't eat at Fridays often since the serving dropped in size. But Fridays are good for coffee. Anyway happy Friday people! If you love Friday say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!"

It has been a smooth week so far. Everything is finally settled, actually around 80% I would say. Now is just the time to clean up everything.

Anyway, on Wednesday, I dropped a bomb in my team. It wasn't an atomic type since nobody drop dead and woke up again looking mutated and stuff. I should have made it as such but I was too kind. Oh I'm just so kind. 'L' to the face. So what I did was, I handed in my resignation letter. It was one of the shortest letter I've ever written. Just 2 sentence. Can you imagine? A resignation letter with only 2 lines of words with pure wisdom of leaving the company. And yeah. Hoping to begin fresh in something totally different from what I'm doing now. Lets just hope the coming weeks up till my final day here, everything goes smoothly and no hiccups along the way.

New job. New place. New people. Everything new lah!


p.s. - More relax now


  1. Whats in the letter?? Lol
    "Hey dudes, i'm leaving. Bye."? Haha

    1. Hahaha. Eh it wasn't so bad as that. I did put in more words just to make it not so bare..hahaha

  2. congratulation! just curios bout our CGK trip..are you still on???

    1. Thanks! Wait for what ar?? Haha
      For now CGK still on!! :D

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  4. comelnya panda tu!

    new job, new gaji is it? ;)

    congrats and all the best!

    1. Kan!! Nak peluk je panda tu!
      Hehe. New job je.. :p


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