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My October Wish

No who. No when. No why. No Where.

October is here again folks. Aren't we all wishing that it'll be a good one? I sure do. Another 2 months it'll be a new year. New resolutions (haven't even completed this year's resolutions). New beginning. New life. New person. Would there be a new me? Well I'm not sure. Will have to wait and see on the 1st of January 2013 then. Hahaha.

My only wish for October is to start a fresh new career. I've been trying for months and so far there's been ups and downs. Almost got my break in the world of writting but my lack of experience got the better of me (but I'll still try to get back to it). So this month I'm hoping for a better one.
Someone once said that if you find your self running out of luck, take a dip at the beach. Well I've did just that! Haha. Well it might sound superstitious, but its this kind of superstitions that makes one to believe in something they do.

What's your October wish?

Christina Aguilera performing Your Body

p.s. - 2 weeks to wait


  1. all the best to u ..
    mine would be to improve that lave handle lo;l ;p

    1. Thanks Danny!!
      Haha. I bet you can improve it ;p

  2. hey...I'm resigning too as of the end of this month. Got so bored with my jobs (yeah, I'm working double jobs and quitting both of them).

    hopefully, there's something better for me lies ahead.

    good luck on your new endeavour!

    1. Hope it'll be better for you in your new job! There's always something better ahead..

      Thanks! Same goes to you as well!


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