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Polly wants a cracker? Not Jolly was a crackhead

Take your cat for a walk. Make your dog purr with pleasure. Give your fish a good bubble bath. Give your hamster an iPod. Teach your rabbit the Gangnam style. Maybe just ask the tortoise to take out the trash. What ever you do, treat them well today (not just today ok! everyday of your life!) because its World Animal Day!! To my dear 3 little angels (sometimes devils).............HWAD!

Anyway, I'm not sure if any of you suffer from this weird thingy. Do you produce static? Like you know, rubbing = friction = static? Ok. I sure have lots of static in me. Not claiming to be a super hero wannabe, but even my friends says that. Each time when I go out walking or anything (which involves movement), whenever I accidentally touch someone or anything steel, there's a sensation. Like an itsy bitsy super, like an ant bite (that's overly rated), jolt! (that's too much), static feel between me and the other person or whenever I touch a steel surface. (Am I like Wolverine? Storm? Magneto? Gosh I can be cast in the next X-Men movie!). I've read in an article by someone (which I'm not sure) that its normal to have it, but a little too much static can be dangerous. For example filling the tank (someone please do it for me? thank you..*wink wink*), near a gas tank or anything flammable. Maybe I need to discharge myself.

p.s. - Got another 2 calls, and 1 pending results. The other pending docs. In a dilemma.


  1. omg. i hate walking with people that produce/have so much static!! ><

    1. Hahaha. You hate me? Gosh ;p

    2. hahaha. I'd hate to WALK with you alone!! :P

    3. Actually, alone or group I still produce static.. so need to de-static-fy my self.. is there such a word? Hahaha

    4. haha. I mean. the chances of me touching you is higher if we're walking alone right


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