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Cocoa cappuccino

I'm like a cup of hot cocoa capp rich in mocha and also coffee. Sip it while it's hot although having it iced is also good. Top it with some chocolate powder or maybe some lovely caramel toffee. Enjoy it on a cold rainy night with a few almond cookies on the side. 

Another 4 days, working days that is, and I'll be leaving this place. Its been a year and 4 months exactly that I've been here. I joined on the 4th and I'll be leaving on the 4th. Now only did I realise, everything seems to be on the 4th or something to do with the number 4.  Even my birthday is on the 4th. Chinese will say "Not good number arrrr". Maybe my lucky number is 4? Who knows. But seriously, everything is 4.

Had my farewell lunch today, thanks to them. The funniest part was that they actually asked me what I wanted to eat instead of them making the decision. Which made me laugh and telling them anything will do. Not fussy. If I were to decide, they definitely would think twice I guess. But be cool, its nothing weird like what I ate in Kuching. Anyway, 2 of my closes colleague gave a farewell give. It maybe small but love it!

Purple baby purple!
I guess its time to prepare for the unpredictable.


  1. Can sense that everything will be exciting (;

  2. Winning isn't everything...

    Depressed hearing that lol... looks like I have to get used to losing ;)

    1. Its not depressing. Its encouragement. Its strength. Its means never give up on something. :)

    2. Spot on! Winning isn't everything, it's part of something (:

    3. Just found this - Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is (Vince Lombardi)

  3. Sweet! hopefully, it gets better for u =)


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