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Before I could forgive, I've forgotten. Is it a bad thing or a good thing?

What a hectic week. Ok not exactly hectic but tiring. So last week work for 3 days but how can it be so tiring? Well imagine. Tuesday outing. Thursday outing. Saturday outing. Sunday outing. I'm so drained dead.

Anyway had a great time yesterday. Morning till almost evening, had a company event at Sunway Lagoon. The bad side of the event was, I DID NOT GET A single lucky draw prize. Am I just unlucky or plain unlucky? Missed out on two draws by a digit. Darn it! But at least I enjoyed my time in the park. Went onto all the rides may it be wet or dry. All rides except the river thingy. The water looks scary. Greeeeeen! Did some 'eye washing' as well. How could you not right? You're in a water park for PSY sake.

Then in evening, visited my cousin's wedding registration dinner at Cinnamon Coffee House in One World. The food was good since it was buffet but the sushi/sashimi wasn't fresh. The salmon was kind of soft and not that fresh. The pastries was pretty sad. Not tempting at all. But the others were nice! Had a great night and to close up the weekend.

So since I'll be moving to my new place workplace soon, the issue of whether to move nearer or stay where I am is definitely an issue. Still considering where I can move to? Mom suggested for me to stay with my uncle in PJ. Well its a good idea but I'm not sure will I get comfy there? I mean it'll be great but still. Goshhhh. Oh well will just decide later.

A friend wants to match make me. Wonder what will happen?

Till then, work work work.

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