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I gotta shake if off, coz the loving ain't the same, and you keep on playing games, gotta do what's best for me, and I gotta shake it off

Happy Sunday night folks. How has the Sunday been? Hope it's good! :) Almost 12 hours been out of the house with food, fun and laughter. Had a day out with my bestie of the best and it never fails to make me feel awesome at the end of the day. Every time we meet, the second we do meet, its none stop laughter and talking! Also, finally, I've managed to catch a movie! It was Frankenweenie! A Tim Burton movie that never fails to keep me filled. Been a big fan of his movies since Edward Scissors Hand and Frankenweenie was another good one. Tiring but awesome day. :) Oh ya. Mid Valley was pack to the brim today. Could be due to the PC fair thingy.

So lets talk about food. Have you ever had like a foodgasm situation where you just love to eat and each time you're done you get so high? Well not literally. But it gives you a sense of happiness and fulfillness? One thing is for sure, I love food. Give it to me! It's foodgasm I'm having.

Just some of the food from the foodgasm gallery.

Nasi Lemak from Bumbu Bali (Puchong) is a nice meal but filling yet satisfying.
Bibimbap from Dubu Dubu (MV) is the perfect choice but I guess there are others out there that might be better.
Spicy Chicken wings from Dubu Dubu (MV) is not the best choice to go for.
Paw Paw Salad at Marmalade (Bangsar V2) may look simple but its a good meal for the waist watchers.
Spaghetti carbonara by Marmalade (Bangsar V2) is just lovely without the overwhelming taste of cheese.  
Carrot cake from Marmalade (Bangsar V2) is even better then Secret Recipe!
Basil spaghetti from Ben's (Publika) is not for those who love something tasty. 
Lemon meringue at Ben's (Publika) has all the ingredients for it but the lemon was just too much.
Duck confit pasta at The Vanilla Place (Empire) is totally unique but power packed with flavours. 

I love food. I love food. I love food. Food makes me happy. Food makes me smile.


  1. I'll surely hunt for them once I reach Malaysia! Be prepared, you foods :9

    1. Try the local stalls are the best I would say. Have fun in KL soon!


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