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Have you ever

Is the world round or is it square which we thing it's round? We keep waking in the morning only to find the earth spinning in the same direction without stopping for a second 

Blinking your eyes in the morning sun like there's no tomorrow,
Have you ever wondered how did you appear in this wide world?
Walking down the street passing the preying eyes of those homo-sapiens,
Have you ever felt like someone is watching your every move from every step?
Dancing to the beat of the funk music with happy juice in your left hand,
Have you ever sunk into sadness and darkness with no where to run?
Running for you life to reach the end of the line to become the sole champion,
Have you ever had the thought of just giving up on something you just can't do?
Laughing at the jokes that your family makes gives you the most joy in return,
Have you ever thought what if loosing one of them will ever make you feel?
Looking at the stars at night making a wish for a dream come true,
Have you ever been grateful for the things you've already had without asking for more?
Loving and caring for someone you love is the most cherished moment in life,
Have you ever broken a heart that can never be mend back?
Whining and grinding in life for something you've not had will not get you far,
Have you ever just stopped for the moment and live life to the fullest?

p.s. Just some words


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