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Just say 1 2 3

Walk walk walk down the street. Take a look back wanting to take a hit. Hands in my pocket trying to get some heat. Wondering to my self why does one cheat.

I'm officially bored in the office. Like so bored, I've been doing my filing since last week and I've completed all of it. Now I've got nothing much to do other then reading some online stuff and nothing else that can really interest me at all.

Anyway manage to sign up for a new gym membership. I mean its not really manage since anyone can sign up for it, but just did so, since its next to my soon to be work place, and to avoid the evening traffic back home, hitting the gym would be the best idea. Couldn't really negotiate for a great price since the sales girl was very "honest with her work", plus the manager couldn't be crack as well. So had to settle for what I was given. But at least I got it at a student rate. How awesome?! Lets hope there aren't that many people on weekdays.

Ok I've ran of ideas on what to write here. Haven't had the urge to write anything. PMS? Nah not really. Just brain dead. Or maybe lack of some O2. CPR maybe? Get some gum 1st. I guess its the music on my ear phones.

"Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?
 Don't be a chicken boy, stop acting like a biatch
 I'm a peace out if you don't give me the pay off
 Come on baby let me see
 What chu' hiddin' underneath..............."


  1. You've chosen your gym!! That's good. Probably you can go there during weekend when you're around that area. Lol.. You can get student rate? That's so cool. Hahahaha... That rate should be better than corporate rate. (:

    1. What's with the peacock statement? @•@

    2. Weekend maybe...if I'm around there. Apparently they don't have corporate rate for my company. What a sad case...T____T

      The peacock statement is from Katy Perry's song :)

  2. he likes penis, dats the peacock statement.
    i like penis too.

    1. Its a song from Katy Perry..Do check it out.. A song doesn't really mean otherwise right?

    2. i was joking, didn't mean to offend.
      but yeah, i like peacock.

    3. No worries. I don't get offended easily. We're cool :)


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