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Sunday smunchday

No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I'm on the right track baby, I was born to survive....rocking to a song suddenly

Oh lord why is it Sunday so fast?? Why oh why? Anyway it has been a good week not great but good. Another 4 weeks to go before I zoom into another scope of life.

Nothing much happen. It seems like my life is getting more boring. Guess I'm getting lazy that's the reason. Prefer to do a coffee session with dinner or lunch before that. So yesterday had another catch up session with my bestie and he never fails to keep me laughing loudly wherever we are. p.s. - that Twitter person looks much better in person la!

Today, while I was so deeply sleeping, dreaming about the most amazing stuff, my phone rang! Darn it. But it was from my sis. Well, she invited for an outing to hunt for more baby stuff. Oh well why not. Its my nephew! So got up, it was around 11.30 something, freshen up and headed out. Arrived at OU, had my lunch then met her. As usual, tangan gatal or should I say wallet, did some shopping. Got a pair of shirts and a pants. Oh yeah, actually forgotten to collect my pants which was for alteration. How could I've forgotten?? Tuesday got to head back there again. Anyway, Tangs had some great sale! The shoes look so awesome. Saw a pair. It was lovely, with a 70% tag. So took it, look at the bottom, oh! 129 and 70% how awesome! Tried it, then notice, it was too good to be true la. Then checked another pair with everything the same, bloody hell! Its actually 1299. Almost, surely dropped dead, but its actually worth it. 1299 with 70%, what else could you ask for right? But didn't get it. Waiting for Christmas sales!

Before that, here's my Sunday brunch. At Petite Millie. A French inspired place with decent prices and decorations.

Its a crepe dessert thingy
Had a need for something chocoty
Lamb burger, it was awesome!
It looks yummy doesn't it?

Before heading home, made a pit stop at Tedboy Bakery in Bangsar. The pastries are quite good too. Almost on par as The Loaf? Well could be.

Time to head to bed folks. Enjoy the last few minutes before Monday comes!

p.s. - I want a new phone Santa!