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31 December 2012

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1....Happy New Year!!! *grab some stranger and kiss on the lips*

So its new years eve. Gosh so fast! I've yet to even finish my cup of warm Milo.

Anyways, Saturday's birthday party was a blast. It was truly fun and red like literally since the theme was red as well. It was at PNB Darby Park and the place was awesome plus the room was lovely. A great place to have a celebration or maybe just to escape your own bedroom for a night or two. Thanks a lot for inviting me. It was a great night. And, finally I wore the blue jeans I bought like months ago. Didn't have the to courage to wear it until that night.

So, have you completed all your resolutions this year? Well, I could say I sort of and not. The YES' and NOs were:
1 - Having my 1st solo trip overseas [YES]
2 - Having at least 3 holidays trips  [YES]
3 - Increasing my savings  [NO]
4 - Getting a new job  [YES]
5 - Finding a person  [NO]
6 - Achieving the ultimate waist size  [YES]
7 - Forgiving other…

Friday. 2012.

A precaution. If your little thingy is too stiff due to you being all excited and high, be careful when playing around. Did you know that it can actually break and you might bleed to death?  - Word of advise

So everyone is talking about "Oh its the last Friday of 2012". So next Monday would be "Oh its the last Monday of 2012". Doesn't really make sense does it?

I have a thing for people who speaks with a British accent. I find it more appealing then a person who speaks with an American accent. Not sure why, but I just find it interesting if an Asian speaks that way. But as long that person speaks that way because it comes naturally and not forced like certain ones which in the end sounds like a chicken trying to quack. But Manglish is also nice. More casually.

Still cracking my head on what to get as a gift for a friend's birthday tomorrow. Walked around Isetan and couldn't really make up my mind other then maybe a T. Maybe I'll throw an underwear a…

Steam or Sauna

Can't button. Shit! Suck it in! Ok can button. Cannot breathe! Practice. Okay. God so tight! Get a bigger size. No! - True story

3rd day of Christmas. So what has your true love given you? I guess even true love won't give you 12 days worth presents. For all those single ones, don't fret. Join the club. Lets hit the street!

So the other day, one of the days, I was at the gym. As usual, normally, after some sweat and workouts I would straight hit the shower, but for that day, decided to get some steam bath. Its a once a week thingy for me, so that was the day of the week that I chose. Anyway, I don't quite like to bake myself in the sauna room. Too hot and just a no no for me. Ok back to the story. Was in the steam room alone, enjoying my moment, sitting down at my usual spot, relaxing, feeling the warm vapor on my body, face and all the other parts. Suddenly, 3 guys came in. Not sure what race nor how they look like since I didn't bother and with my eyes closed loo…

Merry Christmas!!

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle bells.............
It's Christmas again and it has been quite a wet and dry one so far. A very Merry Christmas to you, your other half, your family, your enemy, your friend, you whatever...Have a jolly awesome Christmas!!

Source: via AD on Pinterest

Moved into Christmas day with Les Miserables at midnight on the eve, while spending the whole day today at my sis, spending time with my ever so adorable nephew.

Go continue with the hams, wine, nuts, salads, fruit cakes, and whatever you can stuff your face it!

21 December 2012

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10......tiring la

Wait. Is that the sun? Beautiful sunny morning. I'm still alive!

Ok. Here's the thing. Honestly, sincerely, its a little sad and a little pain in the ass. So be it. So much for all sorts of words. Cheers. (nothing to do with the living or dead)

Is there a way I can stop my self from drinking coffee? Such an addiction! Even Milo if possible. Plus chocolates.

I'm so freaking lazy. So F-ingly, utterly, idiotically, plainly lazy. Its only me and the intern here.

So far the world hasn't ended. Which was suppose to be today. Did you stock up on some food?

Planning to get a massage session but not sure I'll have time during the weekend. Need to crack those bones a little.

Friends birthday/Christmas party's coming up soon. Haven't thought on what to get yet. G-strings?

Time to continue doing nothing at work. Lets surf the web baby!

Source: via AD on Pinterest

So it goes like this

Ring ring ring. Who's there? @#$#%& here. Who's that? !@#$%$&. Sorry wrong number.

Have I been so lazy or busy until I've not had the time to update my blog? I would say lazy. How not to be? Everyday I wake up and leave the house without seeing sunrise. Everyday I return home without seeing sunset. So that's why I'm lazy.

New job have been good so far. It has been 9 days since my 1st day. Nothing much to do, but its starting to pick up pace now. Office folks, but quite ok. Met a great intern and a guy from another dept or team. My team, well they are ok. Nothing much about current working life, its breakfast, work, lunch, work, gym, dinner, home. A daily routine which can be a little boring at times.

Skipping the boring stuff, finally I'm an uncle! Its just exciting. Don't even think about saying I'm old!! Kind of pity my sis who was in labour for 28 hours, but finally she made it thru. My nephew is 8 days old today and he is cutest baby I'v…

Alien riding a horse

It's a pleasure for what has been asked, but honey, you can't have the best of both worlds at a single time. It's not the right way to go and you've just landed in a hot pot of honey.

How great it's a public holiday. I get to sleep more, which I'm not sure, I haven't even slept like a lot.

So, yesterday was my first day. How was it? How did it go? Oh well. Two words. Culture shock! Yes. I am suffering from it at the moment. It's like a whole new environment. Yeah I'm trying to adjust my self which I think should take from a couple of days to weeks. Lets hope I can handle it and get things going soon. Boredom is almost killing me yesterday but I survived it. Haven't met all of the team from the department since it's pretty big. Hope to get to know all of them and socialise. That was what I was told to do. So I shall.

In a world of one's own.

All I want for Christmas is.....

Thou shall be good. Thou shall do good. I shall be awesome.

It's December baby. How bloody fast. Yeah I'm on holiday now but ain't that great. It seems I'm not really resting instead busy doing stuff.

Had lunch with my ex colleagues today. Now they are my ex? I almost forgot about it but luckily one of them text me if not I'll just drift away into wonderland. Kind of miss them like a lot. Its been so fun and the newbies, we started to bond but it was too soon. But all the best to them in the future.

Two days since my last day and its pretty boring. Nothing much to do. Can't wait to start at my new place. I just can't sit and do nothing. It kills like so much! Wonder how will do office be? Any awesome people? Hope there is.

Got another hair cut. Hurray! Are you excited? Maybe you're not. Got a new style. Finally after so long, but it was by another stylist. He got it right this time. It's short like super short at the sides, and the top is long, pull…