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31 December 2012

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1....Happy New Year!!! *grab some stranger and kiss on the lips*

So its new years eve. Gosh so fast! I've yet to even finish my cup of warm Milo.

Anyways, Saturday's birthday party was a blast. It was truly fun and red like literally since the theme was red as well. It was at PNB Darby Park and the place was awesome plus the room was lovely. A great place to have a celebration or maybe just to escape your own bedroom for a night or two. Thanks a lot for inviting me. It was a great night. And, finally I wore the blue jeans I bought like months ago. Didn't have the to courage to wear it until that night.

So, have you completed all your resolutions this year? Well, I could say I sort of and not. The YES' and NOs were:
1 - Having my 1st solo trip overseas [YES]
2 - Having at least 3 holidays trips  [YES]
3 - Increasing my savings  [NO]
4 - Getting a new job  [YES]
5 - Finding a person  [NO]
6 - Achieving the ultimate waist size  [YES]
7 - Forgiving others  [YES]
8 - Sponsoring a trip for mom and dad  [NO]
9 - Spending more time with family  [YES]
10 - Learning to accept what's not and what is  [NO]

Those are some of 2012 resolutions, although I think some of it doesn't really make sense at all. But at least a few major stuff I've managed to do it without much regret. Most important, 2012 was the year I enjoyed. Did lots of stuff on my own especially in terms of finances.

So what's installed in 2013 for me? Well I don't really care and I've decided to stop making any resolutions yearly. Instead I'll make them daily. Resolutions should be made daily and not yearly in your life.

Anyway, the streets are going to be packed today. So in trying to avoid the KL jam, I'll be heading to Publika instead this year. Hope it'll be fun there. Just friends and relaxing and chatting and gossiping would fill the night.

How's your new year eve planning going along?

Till then, Happy New Year guys!!! May all of you have a blessing and awesome new year! Have fun and an awesome night.

p.s. - play safe be safe *wink wink*


  1. Have a blessed New Year too!! =)

    I will just holding my baby and watch the firework....from the TV. LoLLL

  2. Wish u a happy new year, AD. Seem like u gonna have a great night =)

    1. Happy New Year too! Nah just a hang out night..

  3. Happy 2013!! I'm sure you'll have a great 2013 eve and a fantastic 2013 ahead (:

    1. Happy 2013 too!! Happy new year :) Same goes to you too

  4. happy new year .. hopefully u can complete all ur resolutions for 2013 :)

    1. Happy new year too Danny :) have a prosperous new year!

  5. had 3 trips last year? Thats not bad at all.. You never mentioned on whats the review on your blue jeans?? May your new job be pleasant to you and may you have a great 2013.

    1. Yup 3. Well the blue jeans was a tad bright but since I wasn't at the mall or anything so not many seen it. Hahaha. Happy new year!


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