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Alien riding a horse

It's a pleasure for what has been asked, but honey, you can't have the best of both worlds at a single time. It's not the right way to go and you've just landed in a hot pot of honey.

How great it's a public holiday. I get to sleep more, which I'm not sure, I haven't even slept like a lot.

So, yesterday was my first day. How was it? How did it go? Oh well. Two words. Culture shock! Yes. I am suffering from it at the moment. It's like a whole new environment. Yeah I'm trying to adjust my self which I think should take from a couple of days to weeks. Lets hope I can handle it and get things going soon. Boredom is almost killing me yesterday but I survived it. Haven't met all of the team from the department since it's pretty big. Hope to get to know all of them and socialise. That was what I was told to do. So I shall.

Craving for some simple cupcakes
In a world of one's own.


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