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All I want for Christmas is.....

Thou shall be good. Thou shall do good. I shall be awesome.

It's December baby. How bloody fast. Yeah I'm on holiday now but ain't that great. It seems I'm not really resting instead busy doing stuff.

Had lunch with my ex colleagues today. Now they are my ex? I almost forgot about it but luckily one of them text me if not I'll just drift away into wonderland. Kind of miss them like a lot. Its been so fun and the newbies, we started to bond but it was too soon. But all the best to them in the future.

Two days since my last day and its pretty boring. Nothing much to do. Can't wait to start at my new place. I just can't sit and do nothing. It kills like so much! Wonder how will do office be? Any awesome people? Hope there is.

Got another hair cut. Hurray! Are you excited? Maybe you're not. Got a new style. Finally after so long, but it was by another stylist. He got it right this time. It's short like super short at the sides, and the top is long, pulled back. I think I'd need to get a new sort of wax. I mean the one I have is good but can't seem to hold my hair in place. I've got the most stubborn hair in the world!

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Christmas is just round the corner after the bend at the junction before the Chinese restaurant shop. Haven't gotten any gifts since got no reason to get any other then maybe my soon to be office or family. Other then that, none. What a un Christmas-sy Christmas. Hope my aunt calls. I want champagne!

Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey and The roots performing All I Want For Christmas Is You


  1. Would you pass a message to Santa? I have been a very good boy this year!!!

    1. So have I. But will Santa give the gift you wish for? ;)


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