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So it goes like this

Ring ring ring. Who's there? @#$#%& here. Who's that? !@#$%$&. Sorry wrong number.

Have I been so lazy or busy until I've not had the time to update my blog? I would say lazy. How not to be? Everyday I wake up and leave the house without seeing sunrise. Everyday I return home without seeing sunset. So that's why I'm lazy.

New job have been good so far. It has been 9 days since my 1st day. Nothing much to do, but its starting to pick up pace now. Office folks, but quite ok. Met a great intern and a guy from another dept or team. My team, well they are ok. Nothing much about current working life, its breakfast, work, lunch, work, gym, dinner, home. A daily routine which can be a little boring at times.

Skipping the boring stuff, finally I'm an uncle! Its just exciting. Don't even think about saying I'm old!! Kind of pity my sis who was in labour for 28 hours, but finally she made it thru. My nephew is 8 days old today and he is cutest baby I've ever seen. With my bro in laws fair rosy skin and my sis's big eyes, he is one handsome baby. Oh yeah he's a boy. But the funny thing is, my bro in law's grandma said, he had my lips! I'm so going so spoil him once he start walking, or maybe before that.

Anyway, 2nd week of work and I'm sick. Maybe its the sudden change of work cycle. Thinking of moving nearer to my working place to ease the physical and mental stress. Hope I can make a decision for it this Saturday. I want a new phone. I want a new bag, a new shoe everything new. But nah, not so important I guess. What am I wishing for this Christmas? Well nothing much. Of coz other then health for me and the family, nothing rather much.

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  1. Oh! 12/12/12 baby!
    Shopping time~ =P

    1. It was suppose to be 12/12/12 but he just decided to come out slighly later. Lol.

  2. Congrats with the baby and becoming an uncle!! I'm sure you're going to spoil him! Hahahaha... (:

  3. congrats uncle :)
    all the best with the new job, btw, nak pindah mana?

    1. Thank you Danny! I'm thinking of either PJ,KJ or BU. But if there's other option, I might consider.


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