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What bout it?

It has been 17 days (or 18 including today) into 2013. So far so good. Less then 20 days to my birthday which is stressful. Why am I growing older day by day? It's tiring you know. Still soul(s) searching. Didn't know I had so many souls in me. So soulful. I'm like Aretha Franklin....R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Anyway, yesterday I was on EL. Mum got admitted but she's doing great now, but she may have to be warded for a longer period. Tough time but pulling it through well.

Not sure if the plan is still on for next month but, what ever it is, I'm ok with it. So is April. I'm the accommodation person. Who wants to join let me know. Its going to be baywatch style (yeah right)!

Planning to get myself a spanking birthday gift. Spanking here means brand new and not the other spanking ok? Crossing fingers, by end of Feb or middle of it might be getting it. Just need to gather a couple more information, then its a done deal. Can I ask for the MD to give me a pay rise like now?



So its my 1st post for 2013. How awesome is that? Pretty or un-pretty? Or is it handsome? Well whatever it be then.

Anyway, Happy New Year guys!! I guess it isn't that late to wish right? So how was the new year celebrations? Awesome? Fun? Wild? Exciting? Or just plain utterly boring? Which one is it? Mine was okay. Publika was a new experience. Lots of eye candies there as well but the celebration was more on a mild side. So forgetting the new year thingy. Lets talk about now. The new year baby!

Well, its one month today. One month in the sense of my work at my new place. So far so good. Please don't ask me what am I doing, cause whenever I explain, it seems none can ever understand it although its not even rocket science. Lots to learn and I can sense I'm going to be pretty busy and I might be sticking to emails pretty tight. Especially end of every quarter. That's when the BlackBerry comes in handy. Although I just pretty hate that bloody phone. Planning to get a ne…