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I wish....

I used to hope for certain things in life. I used to hope that everything would be fine. I used to hope that everything is such a great thing. I used to hope that Malaysia would know. I used to hope that I could buy everything that I want.


Now I rather wish for something then to hope. Hoping brings sadness when what you hope for doesn't come as expected. When failure hits you, its like a bullet to the brain. Hoping is good but hoping can also be no good.

I do still hope but I prefer to wish now. At least I just wish for something. Even if I do get it or not, at least it won't be as daunting as hoping. So I wish for a night full of stars. I wish for the moon to reflect the sun's light as strong as it can. I wish to have the time to do all I can. I wish this feeling would never end. I wish for the day to come that would make rainbows glow in the sky. I wish for someday the sun shines with a widest smile.

So I want to be like Pinocchio. Wishing upon a star every night for a miracle.


  1. Work towards your hope/wish and one day it might turn out the way you hope/wish (:

    1. Work wise yes I'm working towards it, but others well lets say some sort of at the moment.

  2. i wish you dreams come true and hope that it won't take too long
    cheers :)

    1. Time for some Les Miserables? ;) Thanks Danny


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