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So close yet so far

Hye folks! Happy Chinese New Year folks! How are ya doing folks? Ok that's enough of folks.

Dear bloggie, I've missed you so much. Hugs and kisses to him, my blog is a him apparently, and not her, for I'm not sure why. How's the new year celebration been going on? Have any been snaking around? Shouldn't you know.

So just some little update on have been going on lately till I'm so called too busy to blog, actually its more of being lazy.

Firstly, celebrated my birthday twice with the same awesome people. The first was a foursome, and the 2nd it was a fivesome (is there such a word? whatever). The 2nd was more official even though it was done 2 days earlier since my birthday falls on a Monday (which according to feng shui master it's the date of when the snake year actually is and not the 10th). A simple Japanese food just the 5 of us. Had a lovey time. Thanks guys! Also thanks for the presents I've gotten from T-shirt to chocolates. I've yet to use or eat any of it. Did I mention I got myself a birthday give? I love myself truly.

Then there was the time before new year. A day after my birthday, the family was struck with a shocking news. My uncle who've been battling with cancer lost the war. May he RIP. Managed to visit the family on Tuesday night before I flew off.

Wednesday-Friday, had to fly to Singapore for a meeting and training. It was quite a rush trip and packed. Couldn't really make the time to explore more in terms of hanging out downtown. Flew in, check in, meeting, training, check out, flew back. But at least the hotel was lovely, Crowne Plaza but should've gone for city hotel at least at night I won't be so bored. Could've gone walking about. Anyway planning to go back but for a short weekend holiday. Sometime in May. Anyone interested?

Chinese New Year was the same this year and every other year for me. Nothing much. Didn't do any visiting actually this year or even last year. I'm not sure why but I love CNY ii could be just maybe when things change too much, you kind of get "owh okay" with it. Any open house?

What else, oh yeah I think I need to do some side job. Gosh everything is so freaking expensive! Any job offer? "Extra service sir".

Other then that, well, nothing much. There's been a certain situation going on but well hye I'm just going with the flow. Actually it's kind of better to just go with the waves at least you know what to expect when it hit the rocks. If you know what I mean. Hugs!

Currently making arrangements for the beach trip in April. I'm opting for a 4 days instead of a 3. Rather be out of the city longer. Aiming for another maybe in September.

I'm trying to gain more weight to look better but it's really not easy for me since I can't eat certain stuff. Any idea?

After having such a long weekend and being away from the office for a week, it really feels not that nice to be where I am now. Honestly got no mood to work at all. Thinking of leaving early. If I can.

That's all for now. Going to do some blog walking. See ya!


  1. Hmmm... I actually get to read a blog post which some how went MIA after I read. Anyway, deepest condolence to you and your uncle's family. Glad that you decided to continue blogging. Hang in there. Things will be better. It always has and always will be. (:

    Gong Xi Gong Xi... Guess you(r blog) did make a come back on the day I mentioned! Lol...

    1. Awww that post. Just decided to remove the previous one for certain reasons. Huhu. Thank you. Somehow its better that my uncle is gone from seeing him suffer so much.

      Gong Xi Gong Xi. Where's my ang pau? Don't give the excuse of not being married and stuff ya! Haha.

      Well, see I do listen right? I'm a good listener..hehe

    2. Well, I get to read it nonetheless. Lol... Glad I did. Was thinking of leaving a comment on that post but thought better not cos it seems like a long ranting post.

      But we Malaysians only give angpow when we get married. Lol.. I'll remember to leave you one when/if I get married la @•@

    3. Its very ranting, plus not right a bit..better take it off. lol

      Now we're in a modern Malaysia. lol. One ang pao won't kill. Mr DCG me want one red packet filled with at least 100? lol ;p

      Oh yeah if you do get married invite me ok!

  2. you cant eat certain stuffs?

    can i guess? can i guess? ok hopefully it wont be offensive!

    1. Muslim
    2. G6PD deficiency
    3. Allergy / intolerance to certain food
    4. Vegetarian

    which one ngam? lol

    1. Ok #1 totally out. Since when la..haha
      #2 What the hack is G6PD???
      #4 I can't divorce myself from fresh bloody juicy meat! lol.

      #3 is the ngam one..hehe. Like DCG picked!

    2. Cos I know. Lol... Not like I teka pun ;p

    3. Of coz you knew.. ;p If you don't *whip* Haha


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