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Just leave it

Hye hye hye. Always wanted to blog about so many stuff but just decided not to do it. This place used to be a sanctuary for me to say or speak on what ever I felt like it but it has all changed. But despite that, I will try to speak or say anything that's in my mind or heart.

Honestly speaking, since January I've been going thru a phase which is full of stuff. I honestly can say its mainly emotional stuff. Mostly happy, I would say 70%. But why isn't it 100%? Well, I'm not sure why. 100% maybe will only come once a confirmation or maybe when there's something I can truly hold on to, and not just thin air.

Yes, it's been all good (period), but I'm trying not to push it any further then what I really want to. There have been instances which I've just pushed a little far, and it really hit me straight back in the face. Which in the end made me really think deep down what's the point? Truly, if you're just been looking from a far wishing that someday but you'll never know when that day will come. Can one be ever ready? I doubt.

It started off being great and all but slowly it changed. I guess that does happen. Maybe people get bored fast. I just feel to uptight at times, and just want to let it all out, but I know if I do, it won't be good. So better just keep it all in. At least I'm open and clear with everything I do or say.

Maybe I'm taking everything too seriously, but who doesn't? Everything just went on too fast. But time doesn't stop for one to see.

"At the right time and moment I will walk away. A friend I shall be but my perception has changed. Say that I'm being too good to be true but I'm a person of my word. Having to understand is one part of it but to be understood is another. I couldn't ask for more but just a little time for time is precious. A friend we shall be till one day we may be enemies. If a chance is given I may consider it but my perception has changed. I am who I am for what its something that won't change. Until readiness is there, I will not wait any longer."


  1. If you comfort with these, just be yourself and don't let others change you =)

  2. we often have ups and downs in our life. it's very .. LIKE very common for us that thing doesn't always go the way we want it.

    1. Very true. The funny part is I've been thru it so much but still working around it isn't easy.

  3. The way or style of your writing is getting more and more cryptic! Lol... @@


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