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So you showed it without telling

The weather have been killing the past few days. So hot. But evening rains. So emo.

Anyway, I've stopped trying to think so much about something. Actually I would rather not think. But I still do la coz I can't get it out from my head since I like to think so much. Aquarius I am. Wink Wink. I may have made some cut a few strings with what I said last week, but that's what I feel. I rather say it then keep it and lie. Honest I am. Aquarius.

Okay enough with all those bunny poo. Finally 2nd trip for the year confirmed. Yippy! Another baywatch for me. Olalala. But there goes my financial planning for this year...urghhh.

Anyways, my mood have been improving lately. Not so gloomy or suckish. I'm all waterish. Which I cherish. Tomorrow night friend's asked me to join them for a hairdown time. Well I might just need it after all.

Another, I've decided not to join the StandardCharted run. 1stly its all full 2ndly I dislike running.

Have an awesome weekend folks. Xoxo.


  1. You have a great weekend too AD!

  2. You can't ever tell today's weather, it's all the same here in Jakarta (even worse, I guess)! Anyway, can't stop thinking and giggling about phrase "bunny poo". I guess I'll be using that for daily convo haha \m/


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