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Hye hye sexy folks. If you're not sexy be sexy. You're sexy in your own special way.

Anyway the week so far has been good. I'm getting good as well. Ignoring certain facts and just moving on. If there is there is, if there isn't there isn't. Life is not all about that one thing or more.

Planning for the year is done. Considered done. I mean planning for my trips that is. With just enough gaps in between it shouldn't much of a financial constraint for me. Not forgetting the two folks who I'll be going with later in the year, we shall have an awesome time!

Work for the week has been hectic. Got lots to rush out and its very tough when you're the focal for everything mostly everything. Two days been taking work back home with me and it's not nice at all. Been sleeping around 1-2am everyday and I'm so tired. But it keeps me in a better mood and shape, otherwise I'll be thinking about shit all day long.

Last weekend's plan to let my hair-down was disrupted and cancelled. Planning to have it this Saturday, but that's if nothing crops up.

Random thoughts of the day :
I think when it comes to love, there must be a balance of life and time. Life in terms of work and passion. Time in terms of friends and love. So to live a life, you work and follow your passion which is the rule. But time, there has to be a balance. You need to make sure that both are balanced and not one sided. If your main priority of time are for friends which accounts to 90% of it, then you wouldn't need a love life, and it can't be the other way either. It has to be 50:50.


  1. Mine one still got many spaces on my calendar xD

    Hmm..ya never never put more weigh on either side..if not you gonna lose it forever =(

    1. Lol. Time to fill up those spaces :D

      Yup. There must be a balance. If you're too one sided, then it's not right.

  2. rich boy can go oversea by urself la =P hahaha

    true for the last point though sometimes, I might put slightly more emphasis on my friend. Boyfriend come and go but friends stay forever(the one that will) =)

    1. Which rich boy? Definitely not me la.. I work for what I want :)

      That's why you need to balance it out. If you can't then it's tough.


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