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Why try it's already dry

March has finally arrived. I've finally moved to PJ. What else to come or to do?

Lately I've been extremely emo. Gosh why the emo-ness? Was it because of my birth month? Which has nothing to do with it.
Mood swings and it was from extreme highs to extreme lows. I kinda know the reason to it but I just try to ignore it.
Anyway, I've come to learn a few things lately. Things which actually I've known but I tend to ignore it. Until in the end, it bites me back.

I've grown fond for a particular situation but at the same time I'm in doubt of it. You know it's obviously never easy but it's the way things are that makes it hard.

Been telling myself to grow away from it because in the end it's a game of poker. It's like you're just an appetiser and you're not the main course. That's what's in my thoughts.

Sooner or later I'll make my way out of it because I see no light at the end of the tunnel. Rather then later, I prefer to find the light sooner to avoid going deep into the shadows with no ray surrounding me.

Only time will tell when will I stop the boat and hop off at the next dock.

Who knows there might a waterfall at the end of the river.

Okay! Enough of emo shit stuff!

Time to cheer myself up a little. Well last night met up with a bestie which for no reason we fell out for like a year plus. Then the other day I decided to contact back and we finally met up for a chat.
It's been so long since we've spoken and so much to talk about till time had to tell us to stop. Slowly and surely we're going to make up for the time we lost.

Looks like November I'll be heading East Coast for a friends wedding! It's been quite a while but I can't wait for it. We planned for a pre-wedding trip to Bali. Lets hope it materialise. If not I'll be going alone (maybe).

Work has been quite okay this week and there are times when I wish I was just damn busy till I had no time to bother about anything.

Another weekend is here. Going to make it more productive!

Have a great Friday folks. Ignore my crappings for today.