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Baby steps

Baby steps is exactly what I'm doing now as a friend have advised. Taking things slowly and moving at a super slow pace. Healing from a few things which I've learned. Day by day I do realise in the end is the memories that matters the most.

So that aside, yesterday was a great day for me. A fun filled day with great people. Thanks to the both who've waited and sorry cause I was late. Well Malaysian timing ma. Lol! But I'm looking forward to our next outing which will be more fun and exciting. Dust of those dancing shoes! P.s. - do what's right and feel right. Follow your heart and not your brain at times like this. Slow and easy will do.

Later part of the day, was also filled with great fun with great people. With a couple of friends, headed down for a night out with music and drinks. Well lets just say, only for those there to know what when on. Anyway, the night was great.

As of now, I'm super like mad exhausted. Got up at 1pm, but I'm still sleepy. Was suppose to take a nap but skipped it instead, otherwise I'll be awake with massive headache.

Suppose to head out and offer prayers to my grandparents but mom said, "I think you better not. By the time you get things done, we'll be late." So skipped that and I do hope mom remembers to place for me what's needed. Anyway, was thinking of going out but then again, I skipped that idea again. I've been doing lots of skipping huh? I still want my nap but heading out for dinner in awhile. Got a special invitation from my uncle "Make sure you come later ok for the dinner! Ok uncle".

Let me ride your bicycle?


  1. what with the special invitation? he wanna introduce u to a girl? LOL =P

    I wanna know what happened during night out! tell tell tell tell tell *kepoh mode on* ;) hehe

    1. The first question I had was "busy man huh?" -_-

      I tell later. Hahahahah

  2. Next time, sleep late must wake up early after that sleep early at night if not will have headache problem..opps shall stop annoying mode -.-

    ...but I also want to know the night outing ; )

    1. I did that once and I was so sleepy the whole day. I can even just sit and stare into thin air. Lol

      The night was.......hahaha hilarious!


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