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"I dreamt about you last night. I've never dreamt about someone before but I did about you". So yes I had a dream about my previous recently last night. After that dream I woke up shortly before closing my eyes again. It was a dream about care and being loving never before I've seen. At this very moment I'm like, but it's all a dream. Why do we dream about someone? Is it because we're thinking about that person a lot? I've been told it could be a possibility. What's the reason actually? Anyway I'm not sure why I did. Thinking about could be once awhile but still maybe there's another reason. Can you help to explain?

How far do you actually trust and make it happen with this sentence: If it doesn't work out we still can be friends. 


  1. Maybe cos there are things left unsaid that u still kept hiding inside.

    I heard a slight version of that 1st reason. It's because the other person think about u a lot that u actually had that kind of dream :)

    I trust it and will make it happen as long the other party want to. If not, I wont waste my time


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