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Learned & Live

The reason I chose to let go is cause things may not get serious, and if it did, it may not last long. Why? It's because of something which everyone wishes for which is time. I guess I've been truly understandable even if one may say I'm not. Work, passion and social. The three things which I totally respect and because of that I chose to give it up so that one can have time for those. I don't wish to be the person that one day one will look back and say "because of you I couldn't......" Time cannot be reversed as one can't change history.

Just like the going goes, until the right time arrives, everything will be alright


  1. It is hard to balance all those..well..just wait the right time for you =)

    1. Yup is it important to balance. But oh we'll we can force or change ones life right. Huhu :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. It's been awhile from you as well.


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