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So I've learned

So I've learned something from the past 4 days. Something to cherish and finally understood. Mom did say to always look forward and just go on.

Ok. Hye lovey dovey people.

So GE is around the corner. Who do you vote for? Don't tell me cause I'm not bothered. I'm freaking mean am I? Anyway, planning to have a trip down south maybe for a night or two. Not sure when to be exact but soon I guess. Plus for sure I'm going alone, but anyone is welcome to join. Traveling with new friend(s) is always exciting. Don't you think so? It's not soul searching stuff if that's what you're thinking. Not into that kind cause to me it doesn't really make sense.

Finally, from last week onwards been joining bodypump at the gym. The funny thing is, out of my 1 and a half year (including my previous gym) I've not joined any class except at my friends gym. Please don't laugh but I was just plain lazy. But now I've decided to make it my part of my daily resolution. Awesome or not? Please say not.

Lately I've been drowning myself with all sorts of thoughts and mood swings but I'm pretty sure it'll get by soon.


  1. where to? the merlin land? haha

  2. Doesnt sounds so bad to travel alone, who knows whom you might end up fishing down south, then you would pray that you are alone!!! hahaha =P

    I feel like joining those gym class too but scared/shy lah >.<

    1. Hahaha. Actually traveling alone can be more relaxing.
      Join la. I was shy too at first but since you've paid why not. Huhu

  3. awesome for joining the gym!
    and for voting thingy, i'm not voting for any party cuz none of the parties can actually do something about discrimination and racism. malaysia will stay the same until end of days.

    1. It's more of the class not the
      Well I guess time will tell who ever wins the coming GE. But discrimination still something that can't be solved. Racism isn't that bad I guess.


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